Welfare of MPs first then anti-sanctions march: Mliswa

Temba Mliswa
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NORTON MP Temba Mliswa (independent) has demanded that Zanu-PF uses its majority in Parliament to push for better allowances for legislators before talking about the removal of US sanctions.

Zanu-PF chief whip Pupurai Togarepi (Gutu South MP) had earlier raised a matter of privilege saying that all MPs should join the ruling party on October 25 to call for the removal of sanctions.

“On the 25th of October, the whole country will be united to fight the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe.  I therefore request all Members to stand with the people of Zimbabwe in calling for the removal of sanctions.

“On this day, SADC countries and all progressive countries of the world will be standing with Zimbabwe to fight these sanctions.”

Togarepi said that it would be “very unfortunate if representatives of the people of Zimbabwe, parliamentarians – will keep quiet and not stand with the people they purport to represent, that sanctions be removed.”

He then put his request: “It is my request that as Members of Parliament, we can also come up with a joint statement that as representatives of the people of Zimbabwe, we would want sanctions to be removed for the development of our people, for the provision of social services, for everything that will make Zimbabweans happier and go about their business.  So, I call upon Members of this House to take a strict choice whether to stand with the people of Zimbabwe or not.”

Temba Mliswa them rose on a point of privilege and state that the welfare of Parliamentarians came first while anti-sanctions issues come afterwards.

“The anti-sanctions in as much as it is important, a joint caucus would also help and having the welfare for the Members of Parliament as an agenda to the same thing. The two would go well because the welfare of the Members of Parliament is important.

“If it could be put on the agenda then the anti-sanctions becomes second. The welfare of the Members of Parliament should be first and that one second. I am sure they will all participate,” Mliswa said. – Zimbabwe Voice