Vimbai Mutinhiri accuses Zanu-PF Member of Parliament hopeful of witchcraft

Gloa Diamond - Glorianne Francis
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Celebrity and Nigerian based media personality, Vimbai Mutinhiri, has accused a Zanu-PF Member of Parliament hopeful Glorianne Francis of witchcraft. Francis, who is popularly known as Glo Diamond, was in the same car with Vimbai’s late sister Belinda Mutinhiri, when the car crashed killing Belinda on the spot in 2016.

In several tweets, Vimbai suggested that Glorianne is not fit to run for public office.

Said Vimbai:

“What people are you running for? You’re had two accidents where both your passengers died under simmilar circumstances. Is that the blood you were seeking to move yourself foward? Sweetie, I pray you have repented from your witchraft ways. “Sprinkles holy water””



In a conversation on Twitter involving a prominent journalist, Chofamba, and Zanu-PF UK member Nick Mangwana  Vimbai was accused of “misrepresenting facts to suit your account”. Mutinhiri has since deleted her tweets.