No tweeting during parly sitting, Speaker says to social media addict MPs

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SPEAKER of Parliament Jacob Mudenda has warned legislators to desist from the habit of chatting on Twitter when the house is in session.

This comes as many MPs have been observed logged on to different social media sites while failing to contribute to debate in the house.

Mudenda said this was a sign of disrespect for parliamentary business.

“The national broadcaster ZTV last week exposed some members of the House who were busy twitting whilst others were debating. This has to stop,” Mudenda said in parliament Tuesday.

“There should be a proper position which should be brought up so that there is order in the House.”

As Mudenda was issuing his warning, one of the MPs shouted, “We will be doing research.”

The Speaker reminded MPs that as much as research on debates was welcome, it should be done before sitting.

Mudenda, during the second day of parliament sitting after its adjournment in March fumed over lack of preparedness by members of Parliament as chaotic scenes took centre stage on the day and no proper debate took place.

The Speaker told the legislators that it was the taxpayer’s money that was being abused through disorderly conduct.

MPs get allowances for every sitting attended by each one of them and it is usually paid in US dollars.