MDC MP suffers misogyny and ageism attacks led by Pedzisayi Ruhanya

Winnie Kanguni
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Sunningdale legislator Winnie Kanguni (MDC Alliance) yesterday attended Parliament contrary to her collegues who vowed not to attend parliament business in protest of their four legislators who were fired from parliament.

Kanguni was blasted on micro blogging Twitter for disrespecting her party.

Political commentator Pedzisai Ruhanya said, “Only Hon Kankuni from Sunningdale from MDC @Nelson Chamisa attended Parliament when it adjourned to next week. Next time MDC should elect ideologically competent people to represent it.”

“How did they fail to see kuti face yechembere iyi ndeye chi Zanu Zanu?” McDonald Bango said.

Many Twitter users bemoaned the legislator’s old age.

“She has done her part it’s time to retire.l have never heard her contribution in the August house,” Eng Garikai Kajau said.

“She looks too old and useless, l don’t know why MDC Alliance chose her in the first place,” said Moyo.

Tranos T said, “She got to parliament through a PR ticket…she can’t win any election that one.”

Meanwhile, clerk of Parliament, Kennedy Chokuda said most of the proceedings of Parliament would now be conducted virtually and MPs had to get their iPads configured to operate online as the House would only take in a few MPs, while the rest would follow the proceedings virtually.

Source – Byo24