Khupe to be sworn in Parliament…takes over as leader of opposition

Thokozani Khupe
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MDC-T Acting President Thokazi Khupe is set to sworn in Parliament as a Senator for Bulawayo. According to MDC-T sources, Khupe as leader of the party will immediately assume the Leader of Opposition post.

The swearing in of Khupe follows the recalling of MDC-T legislators who were rebellious to Khupe and the MDC-T leadership.

In 2018 President Emmerson Mnangagwa told the US television Bloomberg TV that he wanted to establish the position of leader of opposition in Parliament in accordance with Commonwealth tradition.

“We are going to introduce the office of the leader of the opposition in Parliament,” Mnangagwa said then. “This is what we are going to do ourselves but under the former administration (Robert Mugabe’s) there was no formal recognition of the leader of the opposition. Under my administration we are embracing the Commonwealth approach where we recognise the leader of the opposition.”

Chamisa who was offered the post scoffed the gesture.

The sources also told this reporter that Bualwayo’s Dorothy Bhebhe, who  is the current leader of the MDC-T Women’s Assembly, will also be sworn in as a Senator.

Acting Party Spokesperson Khalipheni Phugeni will be sworn in as a senator as he is the most senior male in Bulawayo whereas Yvonne Musarurwa National Organiser Youth Assembly  will be an MP and Piniel Denga  from Mash East.

Source – Byo24