US and its Allies barking up wrong tree on Zimbabwe

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ZIMBABWE is under attack from the West through the use of proxies in the form of the MDC Alliance, Lawyers for Human Rights, cheque book journalists, Civic Society Organisations (CSOs), Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and other labour activists such as the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA), Teachers’ Unions to mention but a few.

By Khumbulani Vodloza Sibanda

It has become crystal clear that the Embassies they opened in Zimbabwe are meant to ensure that the United States’ long time goal of regime change in Zimbabwe is realised. Their hypocrisy has to be exposed, because what the layman on the streets thinks about the US, and its Allies’ intentions about Zimbabwe is not the truth. The relationship between Zimbabwe and the West is as a scenario where two people are sitting at a table in a restaurant seemingly having a cordial discussion to the other patrons, yet the other is holding a gun on the other person from underneath the table ready to kill at the slightest whim.

When President Mnangagwa, took his oath of office on his inauguration, he promised with a sincere heart to engage and re-engage with both friends and estranged friends of Zimbabwe. The diplomats that were present at the event clapped their hands in agreement, a sign that showed a willingness to cooperate with the New Dispensation Government of Zimbabwe. The diplomats were trusted to relay true and accurate information on and about Zimbabwe to their countries, for purposes of rebuilding the relationships that were previously strained.

To all of us who were sitting in that arena at the National Sports Stadium, the diplomats, the Sadc leaders past and present and representatives from the African Union, it seemed we were all singing the same hymn, that of Zimbabwe starting on a fresh page. From a distance the stadium was blue and green and even the doves took to fly. From a distance there was harmony and embrace. Little did we know that there was a gun from under the table pointed at Zimbabwe by the very same diplomats and that the smiles, applause and joy were all just cover, covering their covert operations to destabilise Zimbabwe.

As soon as President Mnangagwa took office, he hit the ground running, reaching out to friends and former foes, opening Zimbabwe up for business. He was ready to engage and re-engage, and promise he has carried out that with other countries that are sincere on their proposals to trade with Zimbabwe.

However, some western countries seem to want an arm and a leg from Zimbabwe. And that can only be possible if their puppet the MDC- Alliance is in power, and the only way this can happen is if they destabilise Zimbabwe and cause civil unrest and create a situation that would label Zanu-PF a tyrant led Government that has failed and must go, hence their latest hashtag #ZanuPfMustGo.

For that to be achieved, the MDC-Alliance had to carry out covert operations that would give it traction and relevance, as it seems to be waning of late. It then proceeded to employ uncouth operations such as fake abductions, using journalists to spread fake news in order to incite people to rise and overthrow a constitutionally elected Government.

It faked torture and spread the news under the hashtag #ZimbabweLivesMatter in order to stir emotions of Sadc and the African Union. Abductions of Dr Peter Magombeyi, Joana Madamombe and her friends were all staged. Recently journalist Hopewell Chin’ono went on social media and started mobilising for people to ignore Covid-19 lockdown regulations and protest until the President and Government step down. That was treason and the charges to that are grave. However, the US and its surrogates have decided to magnify and twist Chin’ono’s arrest to meet their ends.

Noone was ever abducted in Zimbabwe, but this is how the Central Intelligence Agents (CIA) has brought down nations and caused serious civil unrest in countries like Mali, Uganda, Kenya and Libya through misinformation. The Zimbabwe lives matter hashtag got traction as the MDC-A and its handlers populated it with old file pictures from 2007 to 2009 during the rule of the late former President Robert Gabriel Mugabe. The file pictures stirred the emotions of the likes of expelled former ANC youth leader now leader to the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Julius Sello Malema.

He took the campaign with passion even calling for the closure of the Zimbabwean Embassy in South Africa and the border that joins South Africa and Zimbabwe, scheduled for the 31 August 2020. The sit in flopped and business continued as usual.

The US and its allies are making sure to keep the chaos vehicle well-oiled by paying everyone who can vilify Zimbabwe. The reason they are fighting so hard to crown their puppet Nelson Chamisa, is because they want to siphon the country’s resources without hindrance. The spaghetti roads, the US$15billion, the tomatoe aeroplanes that Chamisa was promised are not free. Something has got to give in order to receive. The devil has no free gift.

So, while they smiled at President Mnangagwa, they were holding a gun from under the table because they knew him to be a man of few words and when he promised to follow what the constitution stipulated on the issue of land, which is No Going Back on Land. The US and its cronies frowned and set out to overthrow the Zanu-PF Government. They keep suggesting and advocating for a Transitional Government in Zimbabwe, which they hope will usher in members of the MDC-A into the Government in a Trojan horse style, and be in a position to change some of the policies that are not favourable to them.

They tried to do that during the time when the late Morgan Richard Tsvangirai was leader of the MDC, in a situation that led to the Government of National Unity (GNU). However, that did not yield the desired results.

Unfortunately for them Zanu-PF has always been a people’s party, grounded in the people and in touch with their day to day problems. It took steps with strong emphasis on reviving key sectors of the economy, and prioritised the enhancement of productivity for growth, job creation, equitable development and building long term resilience of the economy. So far Government has managed to stabilise the economy, through the introduction of the Foreign Currency Auction System, and the closure of all mobile money agents, that contributed significantly to the speculation of foreign exchange rates, whose cascading effect saw the unremorseful rise of basic commodities that reached dizzying heights far from the reach of many. Basic commodity prices started to stabilise from the last three months, thanks to the policies by the Minister of Finance, Professor Mthuli Ncube.

Meanwhile, the US and its Allies should realise that Zimbabweans are hard workers who will not be moved by the dangled carrot as they are grounded on their land and know the sacrifices that were made for the attainment of same. Sadc and African Union, know and understand that many of our African nations are burning mainly because of the US and its allies meddling in the politics of sovereign nations, while using their Embassies as launch pads.

They have learnt