Ostallos Siziba: The reincarnation of Enos Nkala

Gift Ostallos Siziba
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In recent weeks, Zimbabwe has witnessed the emergence of a new political movement, the “I Chamisa Blue Movement,” purportedly led by Gift Ostallos Siziba, a self-proclaimed “I Chamisa Commander.” This development has raised eyebrows, particularly within the Ndebele community, as Siziba’s enthusiastic alignment with the movement has sparked concerns about the potential ramifications for his fellow Ndebeles.

By George Tshuma

Siziba, a known cult follower of former CCC President Nelson Chamisa, has seemingly embraced the role of fronting the “I Chamisa Blue Movement” with zeal. However, it is crucial to question whether his actions align with the best interests of the Ndebele people, or if he is unwittingly becoming a pawn in what some are characterizing as “Harare Imperialism.”

Drawing parallels between Siziba and Enos Nkala, a controversial figure in Zimbabwean politics known for his divisive rhetoric, is not without merit. Much like Nkala, Siziba is being accused of selling out his own people by aligning himself with a movement that, according to critics, is dominated by a Harare-centric agenda led by Nelson Chamisa.

The concern over this alignment extends beyond regional boundaries, as Siziba’s actions are seen by some as a betrayal of the generational mandate entrusted to young people in Zimbabwe. As a young person himself, Siziba’s association with the “I Chamisa Blue Movement” raises questions about his commitment to advancing the interests and aspirations of the youth in the country.

The term “Little Enos Nkala” is not used lightly. By likening Siziba to Nkala, we highlight the potential danger of individuals who, in the pursuit of personal gain or influence, may compromise the well-being of their own community. Siziba’s alignment with what critics are calling “Harare Imperialism” sends a troubling message about his priorities and the potential consequences for the Ndebele people.

It is essential for Gift Ostallos Siziba to reflect on the implications of his involvement with the “I Chamisa Blue Movement.” Is he truly championing the interests of the Ndebele community, or is he, intentionally or unintentionally, becoming a pawn in a larger political game that could marginalize his own people? Only time will tell, but the Ndebele community, as well as the youth of Zimbabwe, deserve answers and transparency from those who claim to represent their interests.

Source – George Tshuma