If Chamisa and Biti suffer heart attack at the same time, party is over!

Biti and Chamisa
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Our flag does not fly because the wind moves it, it flies with the last breath of each soldier who died protecting it. The pole which carries this flag is watered by the blood of our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters and our parents who spilled their blood in exchange of liberty, freedom and independence.

A horrible chapter in one of the most treasonous political lap ended when Thokozani Khupe and few patriots were sworn in as members of Zimbabwe’s Parliament.  This brought to an end the efforts by Chamisa and his nation destroyers to destabilise the democratic process and pollute the democratic space of Zimbabwe.

Khupe and her party won a court battle which ruled in their favour. The ruling was not only a personal victory for Khupe but a victory to Zimbabwean democracy. With the court setting the records straight Khupe is back in Parliament where she is rightfully claiming the title of the leader of the opposition.

There are some people in the opposition who are blowing a wrong whistle blaming ZANU PF to be meddling in the MDC affairs.  They blame ZANU PF for the recalling of members of parliament and councillors.

It should be noted that the recalls were first put into action by Tsvangirai. The MDC have always branded anyone who differ from them a ZANU pf activist. The trend is very interesting as asked to Fadzai Mahere by ZANU PF  Director of information cde Mugwadi

“In 2005 Welshman  split from MDC and formed MDC-N, they branded him a Zanu pf project who was on the Zanu pf project. Job Sikhala split from MDC to form MDC 99, he was branded a CIO project. Tendai Biti formed PDP and was branded a Zanu pf project. Mwonzora is being branded an ED project. Khupe is being branded ED’s mate. But then when did Sikhala and the now Alliance sympathizers who once split from MDC cease to be on the Zanu pf payroll so much that those who call themselves the original democrats are now trusting them?”You’d be interested to know that Mahere could not answer this question. Why did she fail to answer it because MDC can not be responsible. They only want to blame the next person. How can the nation be put in the hands of people who do not accept responsibilities.

The MDC has blamed

Mnangagwa to be employing a strategy to capture and control the opposition, this song sounds the same with the one which says ZANU PF has captured other institutions of the state such as the election management body, the judiciary, state media and some parts of the private media, the security apparatus, and most state entities.  These sentiments are only floated in-order to tarnish the image of the party.

Another MDC member  Mr Magaisa said “The main opposition was one of the last institutions that were beyond ZANU PF control. Now it has installed a faithful ally as leader of the opposition in Parliament.”

This allegation is vague and embarrassing it is not true and very far from the truth.

The reality of the matter is that MDCA people who call dissenting voices within MDC, ZANU Pf projects,  have themselves, never been in any Zanu Pf  inspired jail term and are themselves in lucrative business dealings with Zanu Pf . When you point out this anomaly they’ll accuse you of mixing issues: it is an open secret that Chamisa, Hwende, Murisi, Ncube, Mahere  and Biti are some of the opposition officials to have done business with ZANU PF. They are the only leaders in opposition to have been given loans and farms by zanu. Its on record that Biti and Chamisa are the only opposition leaders who have always bragged of having secret meetings with ZANU PF. It’s on record that its only Chamisa and Hwende who have been funded by a ZANU group trading as G40 and the monies have never reached mdc coffers.

This is double standards they call Khupe names simply because she has outsmarted them.
In all fairness Khupe has put the country ahead of party squabbles.

While Chamisa was led by his ego and stubbornness Khupe saw a chance to build the nation.
It is an insult to MDC members to say no talks with ZANU PF but you are full time in business with them. Thats Chamisa for you.

While Chamisa and the MDC Alliance rejected the invitation to join POLAD, Khupe and a host of other minor figures who had participated in the presidential ring in 2018 saw it as an opportunity to have their voices heard. If you are an opposition your voice must be heard in parliament in government and it must echo back to the grassroots. Instead of politics of opposition, Khupe chose engagement and participation.

MDC A have described POLAD as “an exercise in grand political deception. It is part of Mnangagwa’s theatre, a façade designed to hoodwink the international community into believing that Mnangagwa is tolerant and is in genuine dialogue with the opposition. To believe that is as good as an adult believing in Santa Claus The only reason Mnangagwa tolerates POLAD members is that he knows they are desperate for attention and opportunities and they do not pose a threat to his power.”

Unfortunately MDC A or whatever is left of it seems to ignore the fact that POLAD has its own Principals who direct its business. Mnangagwa only invites POLAD in his capacity as the president of Zimbabwe he does not sit in their day to day business.

Magaisa desperately tries to prop up propaganda but he dismally failed.

It should be noted that  ZANU PF has no reason to rejoice in the recalling of the MDC members of parliament.  It controls a two thirds majority in parliament. All the recalled MPs where never from ZANU PF. So ZANU PF has nothing to lose it still holds the safety pin. So the accusations of ZANU PF interference is a total figment of their imagination.

The clause to recall and to fill the recalled without elections is in the constitution which MDC drafted and voted for.  So the appointment of Khupe and her team is constitutional and has nothing to do with ZANU PF.
Khupe and her team were called to proportional representation seats (PR seats), both in the Senate and the National Assembly.

These seats had to be filled. However, the constituency-based seats are likely to be retained by the MDC Alliance, which is still lawfully Khupes party. Chamisa and his team should move on and come up with a new name or they must join Khupe.

PR seats are not contested. The law allows the political party which held the PR seat to nominate a replacement. It is through this avenue that Khupe and her allies have found a way into Parliament. And this was the letter of the law not the ZANU PF way.  The ZANU PF way is engaging in elections. We have won elections since 1980. There is no time ZANU PF can be afraid of elections.

PR seats are allocated based on the number of votes that a political party wins in a province. 3 political parties won PR seats in the 2018 elections: ZANU PF, MDC Alliance, and the MDC-T, which was led by Khupe at the elections. These political parties submitted party-lists of their PR candidates to ZEC and it was from those lists that winning candidates were selected.

By law, if vacancies arise during the term of Parliament, the political party which presented the party-list has the right to nominate a replacement. Therefore, when vacancies arose in seats that were held by the MDC Alliance, ZEC had to invite the MDC Alliance to nominate a replacement.  In this case MDC Alliance is now under Khupe and by inviting them to select their candidates which they did. All this noise by Chamisa and Biti is just a loud sounding nothing.

Because of their ego Chamisa and Biti will suffer a political heart attack at the same time.