Blood of foreigners flow in South African streets as locals swim in joy

Protesters chant slogans during clashes believed to be linked to recent anti-foreigner violence in Reiger Park informal settlement, east of Johannesburg May 20, 2008. South Africa's police and the ruling ANC party intensified efforts on Tuesday to quell deadly violence against foreigners and a government minister said the unrest could damage the key tourism sector. At least 24 people have been killed in over a week of violent attacks on African migrant workers who are accused by many in South Africa's poor townships of stealing jobs and fuelling a wave of violent crime. REUTERS/Siphiwe Sibeko (SOUTH AFRICA)
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If one can not be angered by the animalistic sadistic killings of our people in South Africa then one has a heart of a stone. Please be angry with me as we moan the patriots who are slaughtered like animals. What wrong have we done to deserve such sadistic treatment from blood thirsty blood dripping vampires who we call neighbours.

Dr Masimba Mavaza

Do you know that during apartheid, immigrants from elsewhere faced discrimination and even violence in South Africa. After majority rule in 1994, contrary to expectations, the incidence of xenophobia increased.Between 2000 and March 2008, at least 67 people died in what were identified as xenophobic attacks.

In May 2008, a series of attacks left 62 people dead; although 21 of those killed were South African citizens. The attacks were otivated by xenophobia.In 2015, another nationwide spike in xenophobic attacks against immigrants in general prompted a number of foreign governments to begin repatriating their citizens.62% of South Africans viewed immigrants as a burden on society by taking jobs and social benefits and that 61% of South Africans thought that immigrants were more responsible for crime than
other groups.

One wonders what advantage leaders derive from invoking issues of identity and nationality in dealing with criminal elements, except to incite xenophobic and Afrophobic sentiments from innocent citizens.

The world has witnessed a downwards dive in democracy with the election into power of, inward looking political demagogues like Donald Trump in the United States, Viktor Orban in Hungary, Narendra Modi in India, Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, and recently, Boris Johnson in the United Kingdom. The above are polarising figures who are united in their narrow-nationalism postures seeking to promote a crude version of nationalistic conservatism, not-so-subtle racism and pro-market populist policies.

There are a lot of organisations that have supported each other in their populist anti-immigration positions, bringing up a feeling of misguided patriotism while characterising immigrants as an embodiment of all social maladies. This does not inspire hope about the future of democracy. It destroys any humanity as we know it.

This is not only in the world afar. It is rearing its ugly head again in South Africa. The country which had given people hope. It has become a n disaster.

The media often makes the mistake of treating xenophobic outbreaks and xenophobic attacks as an unexpected and spontaneous event, when the exact opposite is true.

Xenophobic attacks are often covered by the mainstream media in the same way a traffic accident is reported, for example: “A number of foreign-owned stores were attacked and looted by an angry mob. Three people were arrested.”

The physical and emotional scars that some of these characters bear is a reminder that xenophobic violence, often encouraged and incited by community and political leaders, impact real people and have serious consequences, sometimes talking lives and destroying livelihoods.
Despite these reminders, South Africa, has turned a new low in killing foreigners black foreigners.

South Africans have no respect for life, they spill blood for a penny. They can kill families for two rands. Killing people is in the South African DNA. During apartheid South Africans killed their own in the same way they are killing foreigners today. If they have done this to their own what makes one think they can spare a foreigner. South Africans are strangers to social understanding. What they call a foreigner is only a black person. If the foreigner is white they call him god yes they worship him. Calling them murders is not enough. They are so lazy and only good for beer and women. When any innovative person comes along and excels in the field they freak out. They run around blaming the foreigners for the rains.

Grassroots activists and political parties are openly calling for attacks against migrant-owned shops in KwaZulu-Natal and government and opposition parties are taking an increasingly hardline approach to migration.

Legislation such as the Border Management Authority Act and the White Paper on International Migration are calling for stricter control of migrants and increased military presence at the borders, while the DA has made immigration one of its key campaign points.South Africa is a compelling reminder that reactionary policies, electoral opportunism, and populist rhetoric by politicians, and other actors, have serious, lasting and often devastating consequences for ordinary people.

Tears run down our cheeks as we see fellow Africans forced in a tyre and dosed with petrol, they are then set alight to cheers of blood sucking vampires called South Africans.
South Africans do not want to work they blame a Nigerian medical doctor of taking their jobs yet they do not have Junior certificate level. They blame shop owner for taking their jobs yet they have no intention of even selling eggs at a bar door.

Violence is in their DNA and blame game is their speciality.

It is a sorry sight to see foreigners flipped from lorries and have their limbs chopped off by lunatics who do not even have a drivers licence. The poor drivers are being accused of taking jobs from these murdering idiots who cannot drive a car let alone a bicycle. Whose job has been taken.

They blame foreigners for committing crimes yet they target working foreigners and those with striving businesses.

The Devil has settled in South Africa his angels are seen by their works.
A country where a minister promotes genocide and he is not sanctioned a country where the head of state utters xenophobic words and goes on to win elections.

The Xenophobic attacks in South Africa only brings out what South Africans are made of. Yes made of the devils fibres. Animosity between the rest of Africa and South Africa has heightened in recent weeks, with an influential Nigerian student body demanding that all South African-owned businesses leave the West African state, and Zambia promising to retaliate.

The National Association of Nigerian Students (Nans) – which represents university students at campuses across the country – has picketed branches of South African telecoms giant MTN, and those of supermarket chain Shoprite, turning away staff and customers.

The South African government must as a matter of urgency do whatever it takes to protect the lives and property of migrants living there.”

But it is unclear whether the South African government is committed to protecting migrants. It seems like the South African government only are reactionaries. They only react to murders.
It is knee shaking to imagine being in South Africa right now.

Zimbabwe has thousands of South Africans in Zimbabwe none of them has been killed. Zimbabweans are peace loving people they can not even harm a fly. They are naturally good people. It is this goodness which costs them heavily in South Africa.

The streets of South Africa are over flooding with the blood of the innocent hard working Zimbabweans.

Our people will cry under the knife of the South Africans for how long?  Our people will roast in the fires set by these hooligans for how long?  For how long will our tears wash our faces?  How long shall we be roasted like chicken by those who have been our guests.

Zimbabwe had to delay the land distribution until South Africa was free. Do they even think of that. Zimbabwe endured serious bombings from South Africa as a price for south African Freedom. Do they even know that. How long will we be in this situation. Prayers are not being answered. Our country is the only country we can call ours in the whole world. This Xenophobic cruel satanic diabolic inhuman barbaric situation in South Africa must be condemned by all people on earth.