Zimbabwe to enact law that declares US a pariah

President Emmerson Mnangagwa and former US President Donald Trump
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HARARE – The the embattled Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa Administration is plotting to enact a law that will specify countries that enacted sanctions on Zimbabwe as enemies of State and to criminalise any Zimbabwean working with those countries.

ZANU PF Chief Whip in Parliament Pupurai Togarepi said, “Zanu PF is considering enacting a law that will make it criminal for any Zimbabwean to call for sanctions against the country or be found in any suspicious engagement with foreign enemies of the country.”

Togarepi told the media that as time moves on the government will implement certain actions against people who are working with countries which are branded as enemies of the State.

“You will see from now going forward that those who go out looking for sanctions, talking to foreign forces against the people of Zimbabwe, asking for sanctions to be imposed on our people, as parliamentarians we will ensure we take a stance against them.

“We have agreed that from now onward, certain characters from the opposition will not be allowed to debate issues concerning the people of Zimbabwe because they want all of them (Zimbabweans) dead.

“We have already initiated the process of coming up with something similar to the Patriots Act wherein no member of the public or a member of the legislature can go out of the country or associate with people who are against us as a people.”

Togarepi said parliament was drawing up a law that will criminilise such acts.

“They will not be allowed to do so without consequence from parliament or the law.

“We are coming up with a law that will ensure anyone who goes out sharing bad things about Zimbabwe, de-campaigning Zimbabwe will be arrested.”

Source – Byo24