How Interpol blocked Mnangagwa

Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa
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HARARE – There are reports that embattled former vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa had to walk back to the Zimbabwean border as Interpol and police searched the Mercedes Benz ML he was trying to skip the country in.

Apparently, the former VP was trying to enter Mozambique.

According to Daily News, eyewitnesses claim that Mnangagwa had sensed trouble when his luxurious Mercedes Benz ML was subjected to a 20-minute search by Interpol and local police details just after 0700 hours.

The publication reports that as the commotion escalated, the former VP had apparently alighted from the vehicle and proceeded to stand on the side walk.

It could not be established what the police were looking for.

Dressed in a black Poor Boy cap and brown suit, Mnangagwa apparently began walking back to the Zimbabwe border entry point, after realising that he would not be allowed to leave the country.

The eyewitnesses said at that point a police detail had shouted at him, ordering him to stop – prompting another cop to run after the former VP.

The second police officer caught him and immediately released him upon realising who he was, a few minutes later, another ZRP Support Unit officer stepped forward and stopped him.

According to TellZim, “Another policeman who had his AK47 cocked was unfortunate as he was kicked by Mnangagwa’s aide who had come to whisk him away. They fled the scene in two cars while the other car managed to cross the border.”