ZAPU fingers Zanu PF on CCC implosion

Sibangilizwe Nkomo
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ZAPU leader Sibangilizwe Nkomo, says the ruling Zanu PF has since the Independence of Zimbabwe orchestrated the dismantling of opposition political parties.

Nkomo son of late revolutionary and Vice President Joshua Nkomo said Zanu PF has a hand in the current state of Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) which appears to be in tatters following factional fights.

“Zanu has always been in the job of destroying other parties starting with Zapu. We know we have no reason not to believe Zanu is also involved in the destruction of CCC and other parties,” said Nkomo.

He said it is the modus operandi of using people of “questionable characters” to bring down opposition parties.

“We have seen characters of operations. You think that the way some of our compatriots operate on behalf of Zanu PF but I have no reason to doubt that Zanu has a hand in the destruction of political outfits,” said Nkomo.

CCC founder Nelson Chamisa, dumping the party, accused Zanu PF of infiltrating the opposition outfit.

Chamisa accused the self-imposed CCC secretary general Sengezo Tshabangu – who instigated recalls of opposition elected officials – of acting on behalf of Zanu PF.

The governing party was also accused of dismantling the once vibrant opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) in 2019.