Zanu PF says unmoved after CCC ‘hypocrites’ snub SONA, Parliament opening

Christopher Mutsvangwa
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Zanu PF has labeled the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) MPs as “hypocrites” and “wolves howling to the moon” after the opposition boycotted the official opening of the 10th Parliament and State of the Nation Address (SONA) by President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Opposition legislators did not attend the first session of the 10th Parliament in protest citing they do not recognise Mnangagwa’s presidency.

Speaking after the SONA address in Harare, Tuesday, Zanu PF MPs chastised the move by CCC.

Ruling party spokesperson, Christopher Mutsvangwa said the ruling party had the majority in Parliament and would not need the opposition to run government programs.

“We have the majority in Parliament and they are like wolves howling to the moon and we couldn’t care less if they want to be in Parliament or not. We will still carry on with our job of making sure that we deliver prosperity to Zimbabwe.

“Long gone is the politics of boycotting, people want food on their tables, people want jobs, people want all the services, people want this country to move forward. So that it can deliver the prosperity which so many sacrificed for what we are focusing on as a party.”

Mutsvangwa scoffed at CCC double standards of accepting parliamentary seats while contesting the Presidential election.

“We can’t be bothered by sulk losers. They have a cafeteria approach to elections, on one hand, they won all the seats in urban areas they are chest pumping themselves for winning those elections, on the other hand, they lose in the same elections.

“They lose the Presidential vote and they are sulking because and they are sulking because of that, you can’t have your bed and lie on it, it’s an ala carte menu it’s either they take it all or they reject all, you can’t have a selective approach so this is childishness on their part,” said the ruling party spokesperson.

Zanu PF chief whip, Pupurai Togarepi branded the main opposition party as hypocrites.

“We know them as hypocrites, they are just like that they don’t know for us to be a legislature we need the president we can debate anything in this house we can propose any law but without the signature of the President we won’t have a law,” said Togarepi.

Zanu PF chief whip Pupurai Togarepi

“So they will be debating, they will be following up on any issues that are related to our agenda as legislature but without the president, we won’t have anything.

“So these are hypocrites because they are coming back to parliament as we go to debate issues that are raised by the same president so they are not honest people,” the chief whip said.

Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Ziyambi Ziyambi weighed in saying CCC lawmakers risk losing out on benefits if they continue to defy orders of parliament.

“I think the boycott is insignificant as you all saw when the President came he gave his State of the Nation Address and the train is now moving. All the processes that are needed are now in place,” said Ziyambi.

“We have laid the groundwork and the legislative agenda has been set and it’s up to them to join the train or they will be left out and we have laws that will deal with them if they continue boycotting they will cease to be honourable members.”

This is the latest move of protesting by the opposition party following the conclusion of the general elections in August.

President Mnangagwa emerged the victor with 52,6% share of the vote while Chamisa garnered 44%.

CCC has since disputed the election results while calling for fresh polls. – NewZim