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Zanu PF says not planning to extend Mnangagwa’s term

Emmerson Mnangagwa
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Zanu-PF Secretary for Information Christopher Mutsvangwa has dismissed rumors suggesting that President Emmerson Mnangagwa is aiming for a third term as Head of State.

Speculations had arisen that the ruling party orchestrated recalls of Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) MPs to secure a two-thirds majority in Parliament and potentially amend the Constitution.

According to the Zimbabwean Constitution, a President is limited to two five-year terms, making Mnangagwa’s current tenure his final one. Mutsvangwa, addressing journalists in Harare on Monday, urged Zimbabweans to disregard the speculation about Mnangagwa’s intentions beyond 2028.

“There is a conspiracy suggesting President Emmerson Mnangagwa wishes to secure a third term as head of state. This is mere speculation and should be dismissed. We did not initiate the by-elections, so those suggesting Zanu-PF seeks a two-thirds majority for governing purposes are not being truthful. We do not seek to amend the Constitution for a third term for our President,” Mutsvangwa clarified.

He criticized the “disorganized” CCC, stating that the country would be better off without it. Mutsvangwa attributed the frequent elections and disruptions to internal issues within CCC, emphasizing the importance of an organized opposition for smooth parliamentary proceedings.

“We desire an organized and structured country, which also means that the opposition should be organized and structured for effective parliamentary oversight. Zanu-PF wishes for an orderly process, not the chaotic state within CCC, which leads to frequent elections.

Internal conflicts within CCC do not benefit our party; instead, they divert attention from governance and Zimbabwe’s prosperity,” Mutsvangwa remarked.

Political analysts have suggested that the upcoming by-elections may alter the representation of affected constituencies. The polls for nine constituencies are scheduled for December 9, following recalls by CCC’s self-imposed Secretary General Sengezo Tshabangu. Another round of by-elections is set for February 3.

Source – newzimbabwe