Why Britain is punishing Zimbabwe – British Lord

British peer, Lord Whitty
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Zimbabwe is being crucified by the right wing in Britain because it did not follow the traditional route that former British colonies followed when they attained independence, a British peer, Lord Whitty, said yesterday.

Speaking in the House of Lords yesterday during a debate on the amendment of the Retained EU law, Lord Whitty said: “When all the countries of the British Empire attained their independence from the old Commonwealth—the old dominions in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, more than a century ago, and even the establishment of the Irish Free State, right through to the countries of Africa and the Caribbean—part of that independent settlement, except where it was surrounded by war, was always that the rules which applied during the colonial period would continue to apply until the new independent judiciary and legislature changed them in Jamaica or the Irish Free State, for example. That remained the case in almost every country which gained independence from the British Empire.

“Those that did not follow this precept—Zimbabwe, for example—are usually crucified by the right wing in this country for doing so.”

Source: InsiderZim