Video: Chamisa-Welshman Ncube feud revealed

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The secret fight between Nelson Chamisa and Welshman Ncube has now burst into the open.

This is after former Bulawayo Mayor, Tinashe Kambarami, who is closely aligned to Nelson Chamisa, openly accused Welshman Ncube of wanting to get rid of him.

Have a look at the leaked Whatsapp chats below. In these chats, Kambarami accuses Welshman Ncube of paying the judge to get him Convicted on trumped up charges.

[8/29, 12:17 PM] Kambarami: However I’m appealing to the high court, I did not get justice in this matter since I had an appeal on that conviction and I don’t know how the judge made a ruling and concluded on this case that is still outstanding.

Tinashe Kambarami

[8/29, 12:24 PM] Kambarami: Let me start from the beginning.

  1. This started in June before 2018 elections. Banda, Mlandu and his team connived with one of my employees to go and do a fake report that I had stolen an electric cable from him.
  2. The matter went to court and I was convicted then I paid my employee the cable that I did not steal, this is someone that I had hired and paid over 2000us and It didn’t make sense to steal a cable worth $30 from him.
  3. Now Mthwakazi has been working with Banda, Mlandu and VP Welshman to fight me through the courts. Professor Welsh had paid the judge lots of money to make sure he gets rid of me.
  4. I knew about today’s judgment before and the meetings and the money that VP Welsh had paid to make sure that my election is set aside.
    All this they’re doing to get rid of Shona people in the system and to make sure that Welshman becomes The Godfather pf matebeleland like what MaKhuphe used to to to Tsvangirai.

Gambakwe Media First Reported on the internal fighting between Nelson Chamisa, Welshman Ncube and Tendai Biti in the video below.

Source: Gambakwe