Tshabangu wants CCC’s share of political parties’ funding from govt

CCC leader Mr Nelson Chamisa co-opted Mr Sengezo Tshabangu into the party's national executive committee
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CITIZENS Coalition for Change (CCC) self-imposed secretary general Sengezo Tshabangu has struck again, this time requesting the opposition party’s Political Parties’ Funding share.

He wrote a letter to the secretaries of Finance and the Justice ministries respectively requesting the funds that are due for the Nelson Chamisa-led party.

Tshabangu, who has caused mayhem in the political arena after recalling 15 CCC MPs, 9 senators and 67 councillors requested the government to disburse the political party funding due to CCC under the Political Finance Act.

Part of his letter on November 6, 2023 reads, “I am writing in terms of section 3(1) as read with section 3(3) of the Political Parties (Finance) Act (Chapter 2:11) to request the statutory allocation and disbursement of the funding that is due to the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) political party, which participated in the 2023 harmonised general election, in which it garnered sufficient seats to qualify for the funds.

“Accordingly, we kindly request your good offices to process and disburse the allocation that is due to our party in terms of the Act.”

Tshabangu provided CBZ bank details in the letter.

This week, the “CCC SG” recalled Harare City Mayor Ian Makone and his deputy Kadzombe.

According to the Political Parties “Finance” Act, the Justice minister shall, as soon as is practicable, and in any case no later than thirty days after the beginning of the financial year, publish, with the approval of the Minister responsible for finance, a notice in the Gazette specifying the total amount of money appropriated for all political parties and the amount that shall be paid to each political party in terms of this Act.

“Each political party whose candidates received at least five per centum of the total number of votes cast in the most recent general election shall be entitled to the same proportion of the total moneys appropriated as the total number of votes cast for its candidates in the election bears to the total number of votes cast for all its candidates in that election:

“Provided that, where a candidate is declared elected in terms of section 46 or 49 of the Electoral Act [Chapter 2:01] without a poll having taken place, he shall be deemed to have received the votes of all the voters registered in the constituency concerned.”

Also, the Act stipulates that “Whenever a by-election is held after a general election, the Minister shall adjust the amounts payable to political parties in respect of the Parliamentary year following that in which the by-election was held, having regard to any changes in the total number of votes cast consequently on such by-election”.

CCC has accused Zanu-PF of fronting an “imposter” Tshabangu in order to make way for the recalls in a bid to regain seats in the national assembly for a majority.

Zanu-PF has dismissed the accusations telling the opposition to put its house in order.

By-elections for the recalled MPs will be held on December 9, 2023 in the affected constituencies.

Source – NewZimbabwe