Prof. Jonathan Moyo scoffs at Biti’s organisation Poll survey showing voters prefer Chamisa over Mnangagwa

Prof. Jonathan Moyo
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EXILED former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo has dismissed the recent survey by the London based SABI Strategy Group showing opposition leader Nelson Chamisa will defeat incumbent President Emmerson Mnangagwa in impending elections, describing it as a “fatal desperation” which lacks objectivity.

According to the survey, if Zimbabwean elections were to be held now, Chamisa would garner 53% of the vote, Mnangagwa 40% and other parties 7%.

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The polling was done using a 15-minute questionnaire where potential voters were asked: “Thinking ahead to the next presidential election, which candidate will you vote for?”

The pollsters said the results were through a nationally representative sample of 1,000 registered voters.


Moyo argued the research group was not independent adding that having high hopes on an online survey was desperation as it does not depict the situation on the ground.

“It is a fatal desperation to pin hopes on a phoney ‘PHONE SURVEY’ of 1000 registered voters in Zimbabwe done from London by a group paid by Brenthurst Foundation, founded by the meddlesome Oppenheimer family!

“Who gave them 1000 phone numbers of registered voters?


“London’s allegedly independent ‘SABI Strategy Group’ paid to do the phone survey, fraudulently presented as ‘fieldwork’ as it smiled to the bank with dirty Oppenheimer money is in fact a partner of Brenthurst Foundation and is thus not independent at all. Phoney!,” Moyo said.

The survey also revealed that 47% of the voters said the 2023 election will not be free and fair while 38% believed it will be fair.

Meanwhile the ruling Zanu PF party has dismissed the survey claiming it is flawed, researchers are biased towards the opposition and want to solicit support for Chamisa. – Newzim