‘Nothing will stand in our way’ – Mnangagwa

President Mnangagwa delivers his acceptance speech at the Zanu PF 7th National People's Congress in Harare on Friday night. - Picture: Believe Nyakudjara
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Below, we reproduce President Mnangagwa’s address at the closing ceremony of ZANU PF’s 7 National People’s Congress yesterday.


It is my honour to once again address this 7th National People’s Congress of our colossal revolutionary party, ZANU PF, as we close our historic gathering.

We have successfully concluded our important deliberations with political maturity, discipline, depth and focus.

This is the ZANU PF way.

The agenda of Congress, as mandated by our party constitution, has been delivered.

The unity of purpose and spirit of comradeship, which is now synonymous with our party, permeated throughout our proceedings.

The carnival atmosphere was electric and indeed justified, given the success milestones we have realised as the people’s party and the country as a whole.

Our democracy has come of age, internal party processes are more refined, and our party more united as we march forward, “Building a Prospering Zimbabwe, Leaving no one and no place behind”.

Makorokoto, Amhlophe, Congratulations to all of you.

Allow me to once again express our gratitude to all our sister revolutionary parties and other progressive movements for their solidarity messages and unwavering support they continue to show towards our revolutionary party.

We appreciate their unequivocal calls for the unconditional lifting of the illegal sanctions on our country. Sanctions must go now.

Comrades, today we celebrate, but much more work lies ahead towards continually renewing our party and improving the lives of the people of our great country.

Therefore, emerging from this 7th National People’s Congress, as the party leadership, from the Central Committee right down to the Cell/Village, we must never bury our heads in the sand.

We have a duty and obligation to lead from the front, with greater tenacity, resolve and determination.

The targets we have set for ourselves, some of which have been articulated in our Congress resolutions, must be achieved.

The task is onerous and must see us complete the modernisation processes of our revolutionary party.

Administrative systems and mobilisation strategies should continue to be revamped and overhauled, if need be, to be in sync with the prosperous and modern society we are building, as articulated in our national Vision 2030.

The party must remain proactive, innovative and transformational in all its policies and strategies.

As it was during the liberation war, we must remain fluid, blended and adaptive to new realities.

This saw us achieve freedom and independence in spite of all the odds pitted against us.

Victory is in the DNA of ZANU PF.

In doing so, the party should boldly harness the competencies and capabilities that reside within the cross-section of our people.

Let us leverage on our new associate membership category; the growing corps of specialised professionals; emerging patriotic private sector, industrialists and SMEs as well as the creative technology-savvy youth and students to drive our party forward, for the good of our great motherland, Zimbabwe.

I, therefore, challenge the entire party leadership and membership in general, to broaden our planning horizon and indeed to cast our eyes far ahead and beyond 2030.

This is indeed befitting a visionary party, which embodies the hopes and aspirations of the great people of Zimbabwe.

Our party ZANU PF is not about contestations for leadership positions. We are about policies, programmes and projects which end poverty.

Our quest is to create modern jobs, towards delivering true benefits to the people, as we lift the least among us, from poverty into prosperity.

We are about delivering sustainable livelihoods and a prosperous future for all the people of Zimbabwe.

In ZANU PF, it is never about the President, Politburo, Central Committee or the well-crafted resolutions from our Congresses and other party forums. It is about the people, in whom true power resides.

It is the people who are galvanised, moved and organised by our ideas towards transforming, modernising, industrialising and growing our economy.

As it was during the liberation struggle, we remain like fish and the people our water.

Therefore, let us continue to be immersed among the people.

Further, this new journey towards the “Zimbabwe we all deserve” entails that all our party structures be primed and equipped accordingly for this key role.

No other political parties can ever cater for the people of Zimbabwe like ZANU PF.

Tirikuramba tichivaka nyika yekwedu, tichiitoga seZANU PF kusimudzira vanhu vekwedu.

The burden rests with us as ZANU PF. Tisu vatongi ve Zimbabwe. This sacred duty must never be taken lightly.

Comrade delegates, in my opening address, I outlined the party’s successes, which now constitute the legacy of our party.

Our focus is now into the future, beginning with the next five years.

Most importantly, we must begin to envision the future of our party and country, well beyond 2030.

Hence, our National Development Strategies must be more forward-looking and aligned to party Congresses, in line with the spirit of the supremacy of the party.

At this Congress, we have emerged with succinct resolutions that will guide our colossal mass party, ZANU PF. We were unanimous in our resolutions.

Congress has spoken and, through it, the generality of the membership of our party.

Reignited by this renewed mandate and direction, our party will continue to run on strong and robust structures, with a dynamic leadership serving across all its echelons, as servant leaders.

This is the motivation force which will drive and propel us forward as we secure another five-year mandate in the 2023 Harmonised General Elections.

The work to win these crucial elections has long begun.

ZANU PF has an onerous covenant with the people of Zimbabwe, a generational mission to fulfil.

The attainment of our vision of an upper middle-income economy should be accelerated.

The benefits of that achievement must be felt by every Zimbabwean and every community, with no one and no place being left behind.

Our mobilisation strategies must evolve with this in mind.

Our party stands solid, rejuvenated and unshakeable.

A firm foundation has been laid, upon which we now mount our campaign strategy for a thunderous victory. Our systems are well-oiled. ZANU PF is ready. Nothing will stand in our way.

Comrade delegates, I once again express my profound gratitude for electing me as the President and First Secretary of our Party, ZANU PF, as well as your nomination for me to stand as the party’s sole Presidential candidate in the 2023 Harmonised General Elections.

Let us continue to walk together for the continued dominance of our party and a better quality of life for our people.

I congratulate party structures for electing members of the Central Committee, which is the highest decision-making body of the party in-between Congresses.

I also congratulate the newly appointed Politburo.

At any one time, there are a few who are called upon to serve in leadership positions.

I, therefore, thank the outgoing members of the Central Committee and Politburo for serving at that level.

Let us remain encouraged by the fact that in ZANU PF, every member is important and we remain all bound by our duties as enshrined in the party Constitution.

I, therefore, urge us all to continue consolidating our unity and working together to advance the aims and objectives of our party.

As we are fast approaching the 2023 Harmonised General Elections, the whole party must remain in perfect sync.

Let us mobilise and encourage our people to register to vote, and to turn up in their numbers to vote for ZANU PF on Election Day.

Party structures and leadership at every level must resist the temptation to “close out” any individuals or group of persons from coming into ZANU PF on the basis of labels, prejudices and preferences or even for the self-preservation of a few.

This is not the ZANU PF way. Instead, our structures must make our membership base stronger and broader.

The Chitepo School of Ideology remains tasked with raising the political consciousness of all the cadres of the party.

Now more than ever before, all of us must put shoulder to the wheel and push in one direction towards our thunderous victory.

The party Election Manifesto will soon be launched, while the requisite election campaign material and resources are ready and will be distributed in due course.

More efficient distribution modalities are in place that will ensure that the party regalia reaches the ordinary party members at the cell and village levels.

This will include distribution at cell level.

Congress delegates, in your individual and collective capacities, you have the duty to faithfully report back to the millions of  Party members, supporters and sympathisers who are not here.

Therefore, go back and share with them, the message of this landmark 7th National People’s Congress.

Tell our people that their party, ZANU PF, is strong, alive and unstoppable.

Go and tell the people that ZANU PF is fulfilling the historic mission of total socio-economic and political liberation and Independence.

Under ZANU PF, the Second Republic will continue to diligently empower our communities.

From Plumtree to Mutare, from Zambezi to Limpopo, our national development agenda is being accomplished, leaving no one and no place behind.

Our colossal, revolutionary mass party, ZANU PF, remains their dutiful companion.

ZANU PF shall be with them as they till the land, plant their seed, tend their crops to maturity, and as they sell their surpluses.

We are their party, which provides agriculture inputs while investing in their food and nutrition security, right down to every household, village-by-village.

Now that the 2022/2023 agriculture season has begun, go back to the farmers and communities at large and inspire them, across all sectors, to increase their production and productivity.

Tose tinokwana muhomwe yeZANU PF. Everyone is welcome in ZANU PF.

Equally, tell them that ZANU PF is a party for those in urban areas and at growth points.

We stand with miners, teachers, doctors, nurses, industrialists, SMEs, religious organisations, the vulnerable, women, the youth and students as well as artists, creatives and sportspersons, among many others.

ZANU PF we will never abandon the people of our great motherland, Zimbabwe.

Finally, comrades, I wish you a safe journey as you travel back to your provinces and districts.

Carry with you the spirit of unity, harmony and love infused into us at this Congress.

Let us continue moving forward, serving our people wholeheartedly for a higher quality of life.

Never grow tired of preaching unity, unity, unity; peace, peace, peace, love and harmony among our people.

We reject violence and declare it alien in our society as we build a prosperous and empowered Zimbabwe.

With these remarks, it is now my singular honour and privilege to declare this landmark 7th National People’s Congress officially closed.

Long live the revolutionary mass party ZANU PF!

Long live the revolutionary people of Zimbabwe!

Long live the people’s revolution!

God bless you!

God bless Zimbabwe!

I thank you!