Mnangagwa advisor foresees collapse of regime

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PRESIDENT Emmerson Mnangagwa co-advisor, Shingi Munyeza has, in a no-holds-barred church sermon, described the current government as oppressive, corrupt, and inhumane before predicting its fall as people rise against it.

A renowned businessman and church preacher, Munyeza sits on the Presidential Advisory Council (PAC).

However, in an online sermon delivered Sunday, Munyeza predicted the fall of oppressors in Zimbabwe, “one by one”.

“Enough is enough. The occult cannot continue to subject and abuse and oppress us as a people anymore because God wants to deliver us as a nation,” he said.

“At a national level, Zimbabwe has been ruled by a toxic and oppressive political system.”

Munyeza predicted that Zimbabweans were going to rise up into a “mighty army of God” against the ruthless system.

“Oppressive, corrupt, inhumane, brutal, and ruthless systems in our time particularly in our nation, we have these. They have no point of return because they are satanic and go into self-destruction.

“They don’t think that the day will end so they continue to forward to self-destroy. We gonna see this in our time, even in our very nation. We gonna see the brutality, agents of darkness, the agents of strongholds, of brutality falling one by one. This is what God said. They are gonna start falling one by one,” said Munyeza.

Without mentioning names, the outspoken businessman-cum- preacher, however, said he did not foresee the oppressors repenting, but would instead go into self-destruction.

“These are agents who have no heart to repent, no desire of remorse and yet God in his wisdom is going to use the same thing that they think they got to self-destroy themselves. This happened to Pharaoh and his army. Pharaoh did not see that this system was about to end when Moses arrived on the scene.

“Basically, these people don’t repent. In our situation, they are unlikely to repent because they see themselves as invisible. They sit on all mighty power. They are demi-gods. But God is going to turn the tables around.

“We have the same system prevailing even in our time, in our nation, we have an Egyptian system, and we have the Egyptians of our time,” Munyeza said.

“Even our singer Winky D once sang Egipita, which is a cry of a society that knows bondage, which is a cry of communities that have suffered immensely under a system of subjugation, brutality and oppression and corruption and lack of leadership to take them out of their squalor and poverty.

“The final end of Saul was he fell on his own sword, I am praying that the strong men and the strong women who have sustained evil and brutality will fall on their own sword. I would like to say to these strong men, strong women who have sustained evil strong golds in our country; ‘they must hang on their own gallows’.

“The gallows they prepared for others. Those who sustain oppressive systems have no capacity to repent so they always fall on their own sword.”