MDC-T elections directorate to meet Wednesday

Hon. Eng. Elias Mudzuri (Acting President: MDC T)
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HARARE – The elections directorate of the Movement for Democratic Change directorate led by Morgan Tsvangirai will meet tomorrow but it is not clear what it will discuss.

There has been a divided opinion about how the party should approach the coming elections with party secretary general Douglas Mwonzora saying it will field candidates for all seats until the MDC `Alliance has decided which seats will be allocated to which party in the Alliance.

Party leader Morgan Tsvangirai said Mwonzora did not speak on behalf of the Alliance but the issue remained unresolved.

Tsvangirai is currently in South Africa for medical check-up but has indicated that he might step down as party leader.

The MDC-T has three vice presidents but some repots say Tsvangirai favours Nelson Chamisa. This is likely to be heavily contested by people like Mwonzora who has been a bitter rival of Chamisa.

Mwonzora, who said yesterday he had his first administrative briefing with Elias Mudzuri who is the acting president of the party commented: “What a stern task master!” prompting one of his twitter followers to remark: “Mukoma ndokuzivai and how your political mind works. Who are you promoting? Who are you spiting?”

Mudzuri is expected to preside over the party’s organising and party building cluster today.