Updates by Wadzanai Mhombera, Pictures by Rodrick Mashingaidze

1300: Our live updates have come to an end. Thank you.

1259: Urges Zimbabweans to go and vote for real change on 30 July and declares the MDC Alliance Manifesto officially launched.

1255: Reiterates the issue of rural airports to transport farmers produce quickly. Speaks also about spaghetti roads to ease traffic congestion.

1252: Says their manifesto document has all the solutions to the challenges in the country, urges Zimbabweans to have a look at it.

1251: Mr Chamisa says Dr Joice Mujuru has been slow to realise the value of joining the Alliance, but they will continue to pursue gender mainstreaming, they will continue to engage Dr Mujuru.

1250: “Ma CIO edu takuchinja orientation yedu, hatichatevere opposition, vana Matemadanda hatichavateveri. Takuda economic intelligence,” says Chamisa.

1240: We will renew ties with Israel, a Zimbabwean embassy will be established in Israel in line with the reconstruction agenda.

1239: Chamisa: “Re-engagement yes, the alliance will look everywhere, more ideas than slogans, the alliance will follow the dollar.”

1238: National heroes will be recognised in an inclusive way.

1236: The alliance will built smart cities, connected cities – Chamisa.

1234: Specialised courts will be established to deal with corruption. Provinces will be renamed by the alliance, says the present names are tribalistic.

1233: The alliance will have only 15 ministers or even less – Chamisa

1230: Says after elections Zanu PF must be more united so that there is an effective opposition in the country. Chamisa says the alliance will build a nation of great sporting talent. War veterans will be vetted and given their dues “once and for all”.

1224: Turns to the manifesto document, says the first pillar is transformation, deeper transformation. Secondly, opportunities – employment, business, investment. Speaks of the 5 canons of the alliance manifesto – Smart Governance, Smart Economics, Smart Social Services, Smart Special Rights and Interests, and Smart Infrastructure.

1223: “…I want to give Mr Mnangagwa a good rest, he has done a lot for this country….we can’t continue to abuse our elders…,” says Mr Chamisa.

1220: The alliance govt will be a govt for everyone, war veterans, the disabled, all races, etc. Says God is in their plans, “God is in it,” he says. “I will be the President of former President Mugabe and outgoing President Mnangagwa because God is in it….,” said Mr Chamisa.

1219: Chamisa promises civil servants that good times are in the offing for them when the alliance govt takes over. Says the present govt “has too much appetite but no will to deliver”

1215: Chamisa says he is able to carry on the legacy left by former MDC-T President Mr Morgan Tsvangirai. He admits that there are various challenges that they will face as a new govt, says they will be tough but as MDC Alliance they will also be equal to the task. He mentions issues of unemployment, health delivery, cash shortages.

1212: “We are launching what the people have been waiting for…” says Chamisa. ‘Behold a new’ is today’s theme, he says. I represent that new that brand new, says Chamisa. Mr Chamisa says the change with President Mnangagwa is not good for Zimbabwe. “The best change is speaking to you now,” he says.

1209: MDC Alliance President Advocate Nelson Chamisa is now delivering his keynote address.

1207: Director of Ceremonies Mr Maridadi now invites Mr Chamisa to the podium.

1155: An activist Maureen Kademaunga is now on the podium to speak about various rights that will be protected by the alliance if they get into government. She speaks about some laws to do with women and children that will be repealed by the government of the MDC Alliance to ensure their rights are protected. Says the rights of the elderly and children will be protected. Says under the leadership of Advocate Nelson Chamisa, the alliance will take Zimbabwe to where it should be.

1148: Honourable Paurina Mpariwa now on the podium. She speaks about labour issues and how the alliance will resuscitate the tripartite negotiating forum.

1143: On investment, Mashakada speaks on boosting investment. Says President Mnangagwa says Zimbabwe is open for business and asks who had closed it for business? He says it is Zanu PF which had closed Zimbabwe for business.

1137: Honourable Tapiwa Mashakada is now on the podium to present the alliance’s Trade and Investment Plan.  Speaks about enhancing trade agreements with Britain so as to increase exports.

1135: Legislator Mr James Maridadi is the Director of Ceremonies.

1133: Mr Biti says their government will compensate all white farmers who lost their land during ‘land invasions’. Mr Biti finishes his presentation.

1122: Mr Biti says another agenda is to create jobs through expanding the services industry, formalising the informal economy, and other various strategies.

1120: Mr Biti speaks about the alliance’s agenda of a US$100 billion economy once they win the harmonised elections slated for 30 July.  Says when Mr Chamisa takes over government by 2023 the Zimbabwean economy will rise to US$46, 2 billion in terms of capital.

1115: The programme has kicked off and one of the alliance leaders Mr Tendai Biti is making a presentation on the economic plan to be implemented by the alliance once they assume power.

The MDC Alliance is launch its manifesto at Jubilee Centre in Milton Park Harare. We give you live updates from there. The theme of the manifesto is “Behold The New  #Change That Delivers”.