Kasukuwere arrested for border-jumping, Moyo questions why Mnangagwa was not charged also

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Former Cabinet Minister and G40 kingpin Saviour Kasukuwere appeared in court today facing charges of contravening the Immigration Act after “border jumping” when he fled the country last year.

This comes after his brother, Dickson Mafios was sentenced to 11 months in prison for the same offence. Kasukuwere who returned to Zimbabwe only last week after spending 6-months in self-imposed exile was granted $300 bail.

He was remanded to the 11th of June 2018 after he pleaded not guilty.  The former minister was ordered to report to the police regularly.

Fellow G40 compatriot and former cabinet minister Jonathan Moyo was not amused and highlighted the issue of selective prosecution. He queried why President Emmerson Mnangagwa had not been prosecuted on the same charges despite the fact that he has admitted on numerous occasions that he also “jumped” the border last year when he was fired. Said Moyo,

Why was Mnangagwa not charged for violating immigration laws on 6 Nov 2017 when he jumped the border with an LV (Louise Vuitton) briefcase & thousands of dollars? Instead, he’s been boasting about it & recommending border jumping as a prerequisite for the presidency!

Moyo referenced a Huffington Post article in which Mnangagwa gave tips on how to become a president.

Source: Pindula