Govt urged to protect society from murderer deported from UK

Archibald Gurure killed Julia Mubvumba in the UK
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ONE of the 14 deportees who arrived from the United Kingdom Thursday, Archibald Gurure, had just been released from prison after he was convicted of beating his partner to death and mutilating her body.

Mounting calls from Social media posts, many people think Mr. Gurure is more likely to kill again or engage in dangerous criminal activities if he gets more isolated and drift into the hands of criminal groups.

On 25 March 2010, Gurure then 35, of Humberstone Road, Leicester, killed Julia Mubvuma then 44, at her flat in the city.

According to media reports then, Leicester Crown Court heard in January 2011 that Mubvumba was beaten in a drunken argument and suffered injuries including having her liver removed and a finger cut off.

Gurure pleaded guilty to murder and was sentenced to serve a minimum of 18 years.

However, he was released this year after serving 10 years before he was deported from the UK this week.

The morning after he killed Mubvumba in 2010, Gurure rang relatives and confessed to the crime.

As details of the mutilation were read out in court, Mubvumba’s son who was 25 then walked out.

High Court judge, Justice Keith said: “No-one will know exactly how Julie died – you may know, but if you do, you are not saying. You knew it was you who killed her and you must now pay the price.”

Mubvumba’s family later released a statement saying: “Julia was a kind, caring person, full of love and life. She was such a chatterbox, too, who brought the family together in good times and bad times – a true inspiration.

“The devastation, emptiness, especially on her four children, is unimaginable.”

Lawrence English, from the Crown Prosecution Service, said Gurure’s guilty plea: “Has spared Ms Mubvumba’s family the ordeal of sitting through a trial and reliving the events surrounding her death. We may never fully understand why Archibald Gurure attacked his victim in this appalling way, but we hope that seeing him brought to justice will help them in some way to move on with their lives.”

Gurure, speaking to the state broadcaster ZBC Thursday, soon after his arrival from the UK, blamed the British authorities for deporting him when they have also committed other heinous crimes in Zimbabwe, which led to the death of thousands of natives.

“People make mistakes. How many people did they (British settlers) kill to get farms in Zimbabwe? They desecrated our ancestors’ shrines,” an agitated Gurure said.

Zimbabwe used to be a British colony until 1980 when the country attained its independence.