Ex-detective shoots dead 3 armed intruders after family held hostage during robbery

Joseph Nemaisa
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HARARE – ON Tuesday, Zimbabweans woke up to news that a Harare lawyer Joseph Nemaisa had shot dead three armed robbers at his Chadcombe home in Harare Monday evening.

Nemaisa, a former detective inspector with the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), made a name for himself fighting some of the country’s most notorious armed robbers over the last twenty years. He then changed career and went on to become a lawyer.

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But as they say, once a detective, always one.

Apparently, Nemaisa was not home when the robbers arrived, but one of his sons alerted him that the family was under seige.

Nemaisa dashed home to confront the criminals. Thanks to his training and experience behind the trigger, Nemaisa gunned down three of the five armed men who stormed his home and terrorised his wife and kids.

He shot dead three of the robbers while the other two, sensing danger, took to their heels and fled.

Zimbabweans reacted with joy to news that the cruel robbers had met their match. Robbers have of late been terrorizing residents at home and offices, leaving a trail of destruction, loss and even deaths.

In the case of Nemaisa, they robbed the wrong guy and deserve everything bad that came their way.

Zimbabwe has some of the finest and well-trained crime busters this side of the Sahara. How we wish every Zimbabwean had the tactical training Nemaisa has!

Harare lawyer shoots dead three armed robbers

We are aware that police urge residents to comply fully with armed robbers when cornered. This has helped save lives.

Equally, those like Nemaisa who have both the training and the weapons must put down these monsters at the slightest chance. Society is better off without these sorry lives.

As for Nemaisa, maybe he is needed back in the CID. We sure don’t know. But what we do know is that he deserves something really cold. A Bell’s, perhaps?

Nemaisa joined the CID Homicide unit in 1994. He first rose to national prominence in 2002 when he resolved the murder of a white farmer Charles Anderson, at Norfolk Farm in Chiweshe.

Nemaisa found that the AK48 rifle used to murder the farmer had been stolen from an aide of then Cabinet Minister John Landa Nkomo.

Watch the video below as Nemaisa narrates how he shot dead the robbers: