EU, USA keen on Chamisa’s MDC Extra Ordinary Congress

Leader of Zimbabwes biggest opposition party, Nelson Chamisa is seen during an interview with the Associated Press in Harare, Thursday, March, 8, 2018. Chamisa is a charismatic lawyer and trained pastor who seeks to capitaliize on goodwill towards his deceased predecessor and highlight the past of his militarty backed opponent, President Emmerson Mnangagwa.(AP Photo/Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi)
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The European Union says it is concerned by events happening in the MDCT in the Alliance since the departure of its founding President Morgan Richard Tsvangirai on 14 February this year.

“Democracy, legitimacy,  respecting constitutions, the rule of law  and freedom of citizens to elect leaders of their choice without coercion are the benchmarks of modern day development and governance.” said one EU diplomat assigned to Harare.

“We are concerned about the use of the youths to cause violence to opponents in the same party in order to have predetermined outcomes that do not respect the constitution.

The MDC T part of the Alliance has an opportune time come February to correct the path they are currently on. We are now in constant contact with the key leaders in the party like VP Elias  Mudzuri and the Secretary General Douglas Mwonzora to hear from them on the state of the party. So far what we have is very concerning.”

“We are concerned about the intra-party violence perpetrated by the youths against leaders and members perceived as enemies to an undemocratic agenda being pursued  because of their beliefs in democracy and constitutionalism. So far what is obtaining within the opposition movement is very disturbing.

Constitutionalism, rule of law and democracy must be practiced by the opposition before they are demanded from the government by the same.

The diplomat went further to say, I qoute:

“The end of Mugabe’s era should now usher in a new paradigm in which every citizen is involved in the political, economic and social issues of their countries.”

We have noted with great concern the way senior party members are booed by unruly youth aligned to the president with the president saying nothing to reprimand the youths.

Only in February, we witnessed in dismay the then VP Khupe and SG nearly being torched  at the late icon Morgan Richard Tsvangirai’s funeral.”