‘Doctors sympathetic to opposition killing ruling party officials in hospital’, says Zimbabwean govt

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The Permanent Secretary of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Nick Mangwana, has said there are theories suggesting that some professional doctors are deliberately killing political players.

He made the remarks on Twitter after one of his followers had alleged that some doctors were violating their professional ethics. One Big Energy had said:

Some of your doctors are acting like mini Josef Mengele,s no ethics.. can you ensure you deal with the issue, saw some lawyer today asking about code of conduct, how do we trust buggers who threaten to withdraw oxygen based on party one supports? Show my tweet to the General he will sort it!

In response, Mangwana said he had made a follow-up on the matter to discover that there were theories which suggest that some doctors were killing some politicians. He said:

I followed that. This is what’s leading to the unfortunate conspiracy theory that there are certain political players being eliminated in hospitals by political activists hiding behind medical qualifications.

he “purported doctors brought it up. Not me. Others connected the dots, I amplified.”

Mlambo insisted that since Mangwana was the government Spokesperson’s he must not “amplify gossip or conspiracy theories. You communicate government’s position on issues.”
Mangwana responded: Didn’t those doctors give clear indicators? If you were a political player from a certain political party would you agree to be admitted to a hospital where those doctors work. They should be found and made to account and everyone who share their warped thinking.
Mlambo weighed in saying Mangwana was making “very serious allegations, with far-reaching consequences. I hope you have the proof PS!”
Mangana said he had “tweets from certain “doctors” that’s the entry point. They should explain themselves. Thanks for giving this legs. I am sure before the end of the day we will hear something from the @PoliceZimbabwe.” Mlambo said:
The @SeniorDoctors and @ZadhrDoctors should be involved. This issue has the potential to put the entire health sector into jeopardy.

Mangwana’s remarks come amid reports that some political elites including Vice President Constantino Chiwenga prefer getting medical attention abroad as they fear their political opponents might shorten their lives.

Unverified reports also suggest that the ruling ZANU PF has been using medical doctors to kill politicians from the opposition. Source: – Pindula