Dialogue: Chamisa demands to be president for two years; Mnangagwa VP

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OPPOSITION MDC leader Nelson Chamisa on Sunday proposed a new 4-year power sharing government which would see him run the country for two years and Zanu PF rival Emmerson Mnangagwa the other two.

Chamisa said this while addressing supporters in Gweru when he demanded dialogue with Mnangagwa which he said must culminate in the formation of a transitional authority.

The MDC leader threatened nationwide protests if the Zanu PF leader refuses to talk.

We need a transitional authority were Mnangagwa will rule for two years and I will also rule for the same number of years,” he said.

“If Mnangagwa refuses to heed the call for a proper dialogue we are left with no option but to demonstrate.

“We are going to use a constitutional provision of demonstrating and we mean business. Nobody can stop an idea whose time had come.”

Chamisa has refused to accept his defeat in last July’s presidential election despite his challenge against outcome being dismissed by the Constitutional Court.

He has insisted that dialogue is needed, arguing that Mnangagwa’s illegitimacy is undermining efforts to turn around the country’s long-stricken economy.

The MDC leader however, boycotted a meeting of party leaders who contested the presidential elections which was called by Mnangagwa at State House earlier this month.

On Sunday, Chamisa told supporters that the Zanu PF leader was being misled by his advisers.

“We told Mnangagwa countless times that we must dialogue to save the country from the obtaining economic crises but Mnangagwa took long to come around,” he said.

“Those who are surrounding him (Mnangagwa) are misadvising him. That’s why he addressed Russian President Vladimir Putin as his elder brother despite a serious age gap.”

Chamisa continued; “It is the same issue now which have seen him sitting down with parties who are not contesting his presidency.

“He extended an invitation letter saying he was meeting with losing presidential candidates.

That’s why we did not go to State house because it was a club of election losers; all of them, including Mnangagwa himself.”

The MDC leader hit out at his rival over the deadly government crackdown against protestors last month which left a dozen people dead and several others injured.

“He (Mnangagwa) is at war with the people,” Chamisa charged.

“You make yourself a candidate for serious crimes against humanity. Don’t do that! You are being advised wrongly!

“What we have is a crises of governance; it is a legitimate crises, it is a leadership deficit problem, it is a confidence gap issue, it is a trust gap issue because no one trusts Mnangagwa.

“You can’t build the economy on the debris of rotten politics.”

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