Chiwenga says Saturday’s explosion was ‘act of terrorism’

VP Chiwenga
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HARARE (Reuters) – Zimbabwean Vice President Constantino Chiwenga said on Sunday an explosion that narrowly missed harming the president after a rally on Saturday was “an act of terrorism” that would not stop an election due on July 30.

Chiwenga, whose wife was among those injured in the blast in the second city of Bulawayo, said those behind the incident were criminals who will be hunted down by the police and brought before the courts.

Chiwenga said no Zanu PF rally shall be cancelled due to fear of the attempt on the President’s life in Bulawayo yesterday.

Addressing a well attended rally at Chibuku Stadium in Chitungwiza today, Vice President Chiwenga said Zanu PF will continue to campaign in peace and unity as the country prepares for the harmonised elections set for the 30th of July.

He said those candidates who may fear to carry on their campaigns in peace will be given security and that the police will hunt down and bring to book the perpetrators and that it will not be deterred by the act of terror.

Meanwhile, Vice President Chiwenga said the new dispensation is coming up with a master plan to upgrade and re-organise Chitungwiza town following years of stagnation, poor roads, a dysfunctional sewer reticulation and lack of clean water.

The Vice President said 18 years of opposition control had also resulted in non delivery of services and ordered that water bills be cancelled as there was no service to talk about.

He also announced that maternity services should be free and there should be free treatment for those aged 65 and above, as well as free blood.

On Chitungwiza town as a whole, he gave a brief history of the former dormitory town historically the land of Sekuru Chaminuka a renowned spirit medium who predicted the coming of the white settlers and it is now the third largest after Harare and Bulawayo from a mere bedroom town that was built as a bedroom town for industry workers of Harare.

He said Zanu PF has a plan to build modern well planned cities for Zimbabwe and provide the necessary services.

Vice President Chiwenga also spoke about establishing new industries as the only one Wilmar Surfaces, cannot accommodate all jobless adults in the sprawling town.

Cde Chiwenga also explained the role of provincial governments in future saying they will be required to build wealth for their communities and contribute to the gross domestic product (GDP).

He said Kunzvi dam is coming up as well as Muda dam for the provision of clean water to the Chitungwiza community.

Vice President Chiwenga also said land barons will be dealt with accordingly instead of tormenting unsuspecting buyers and those who have been settled on non residential pieces of land will be settled elsewhere and compensated.