Chamisa’s MDC-T in turmoil over candidates selection, Sikhala attacks rivals

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Opposition politician and aspiring legislator for Zengeza West, Job Sikhala has claimed that some members of the opposition are backstabbing Nelson Chamisa by interfering with the candidate selection process.

In a fiery post on Facebook, Sikhala says

Hitler knew there were backstabbers and Ian Douglas Smith knew there were great betrayers. Some people think we are not seeing their backstabbing and betrayal actions against our young President Nelson Chamisa. These are people who are:

1) Removing other candidates’ names from the contesting panel so that their weak and unwanted surrogates avoid primary elections and stand a chance to stand as a party’s candidate.

2) These are people who want to impose themselves through chicanery knowing well they have got no support. They name drop the President’s name as if they are friends when in actual truth they are not.

3) These are the people who want to build their empire for the future eye of an office. So they are building false fiefdoms through trying to impose those they think are their own and blame shift to the young President.

MDC is a party founded on democracy and all its tenets and material elements. The actions of these people are purely to create a huge constituency of disenchantment from the general membership and supporters of the party so that they become apathetic at the forthcoming national polls, to the disadvantage of our march to freedom.

President Chamisa has now taken a position that no member of the party should be corruptly removed from contesting. I applaud this decision because leaders take positions. That’s why I always agreed with our late leader Morgan Tsvangirai when it comes to taking decisions. No matter how you will disagree with his decision, it did not deter him from taking a decision.

Decisions are taken after serious considerations. The unpopular candidates are currently on the desperate tactics to corruptly get their contestants removed from the race. It will not happen and people will defend their right to have a candidate of their choice to represent the party not removed.

I feel pity for the trauma those whose names were removed without explanation are currently going through. I saw one grown up man collapsing when his name was removed through the chicanery of those contesting against him. The old man is now in psychological trauma that I think he needs counselling. Let everyone interested be given the opportunity to be exposed to the people. Democracy in motion.

Source: Pindula