Chamisa tones down on protest

MDC-A President Emmerson Mnangagwa
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HARARE – The Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) leader, Mr Nelson Chamisa seems to have officially announced to his supporters the much awaited signal that he promised in 2018 as he tweeted today that prayer is the only action the party should follow, Harare Post can report.

Chamisa, who was on a whirl wind of tours in 2018, addressed his party supporters on the way forward following his electoral loss in the July 30 harmonised elections. He told thousands of Beitbridge residents that he will give a signal on the envisaged action.

“After touring the whole country I will give you a signal so that we all follow the direction. Beyond a thank you I have also come to tell you that this is the direction we are taking. Prepare as we are going to announce how we intend to enrol our program of action in peace” said Chamisa then.

The signal seems to have been given today when the opposition leader tweeted that prayer, not violent protest is the only action the party should take.

“Absolutely! Prayer is the greatest form of Action” tweeted Mr Chamisa today.

His tweet gave a hint that the opposition outfit is abandoning politics of confrontations and violent protests, opting for prayer instead.

Chamisa’s damascene moment was applauded by some of his followers who viewed his tweet as a diplomatic way of silencing his talkative Vice National Chairman Job Sikhala who usually advocates for violent confrontations between MDC and the government.

“Kwete maprotests ari kutaurwa nana sikhala nana obey. thanx for silencing them in a diplomatic way” tweeted one Taku Chimwaka.

Over the past few weeks, MDC sycophants such as Job Sikhala, Tafadzwa Mahere and Obey Sithole were parroting about engaging in demonstrations to air their so called grievances against the government.

However, Chamisa seemed to have resorted to silence his lieutenants through twitter as it is believed that he is afraid to say so in a properly constituted meeting because of fear of Job Sikhala and Tendai Biti who always oppose whatever Chamisa says.

Source – Harare Post