Chamisa told you should have been an advisor not a leader

Nelson Chamisa
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An irate follower of Citizens Coalition for Change leader Nelson Chamisa has told him that he should have been an advisor and not a leader because an advisor never gets into battle while a leader is not afraid to sacrifice himself.

@Justchilled16 was responding to a post by Chamisa on his X handle which said: “KNOWING WHAT SHALL BE IN THE LATTER DAYS…‘But there is a God in heaven Who reveals secrets and mysteries.’ Daniel 2:28 This one God, Our #Godisinit  is in heaven, Our Father is the presiding authority over the entire universe, presides over all nations, all persons and things on earth; and to Him alone belongs the glory and revelation of secrets, and not to necromancers, heathen gods, or to any magician or witch doctor. Blessed Sabbath!”

Chamisa has been accused of dishing out bible verses instead of spelling out what action he is taking to solve what he often describes as a political and leadership crisis in Zimbabwe.

“You should have been a top advisor not a leader. This was a great mistake Zimbabweans made,” @Justchilled16  said. “Advisors never get into battle ,they are there for the next leader if the current leader is killed.True leaders are not afraid to sacrifice themselves because they truly believe in victory.”

@KuedahIgal added: “sometimes as Zimbabweans we deserve Zpf, people cannot bring leaders to account but will be shouting “amen” and “happy sabbath” in such a time as this.”

CCC is currently in a dilemma following the recall of several legislators by self-proclaimed interim secretary general Sengezo Tshabangu.

Zimbabwe is holding by-elections to fill six seats on 3 February.

ZANU-PF is short of three seats to attain a two-thirds majority in the 280-seat national assembly.

Source: InsiderZim