Chamisa to demote lieutenants to less influential posts

Nelson Chamisa
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HARARE – Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa is set to demote members of the Maruva Cabal leaving them at the peripheral of the new party as he intends to consolidate his power by surrounding himself with his yes-man.

A source within the CCC said a surprise awaits some senior leaders as Chamisa wields his axe meant to get rid of the old and cunning leaders.

Most will find themselves in less influential positions. According to the source, the likes of Tendai Biti, Job Sikhala, Charlton Hwende and Thabitha Khumalo were likely to be demoted to pave way for the new leadership.

“Heads are going to roll in the CCC party, as Chamisa holds a belief that the new party should be modelled around the young people, hence the need to demote all the old members from influential positions.

The president confided in some of us that he wants new brains to lead the party, saying that the current leadership can no longer offer anything new to the struggle,” said the source.

According to the source, Fadzayi Mahere and Gift Ostallos Siziba are tipped to be the next vice presidents of the new party while Joanna Mamombe will be appointed the next secretary general. The source added that current senior members are to be accommodated in what will be called the CCC Elders Council.

The same source added that the old guard in the party were aware of Chamisa’s plot to side line them and they were currently holding clandestine meetings to counter Chamisa’s machinations.

According to the source, the old guard, led by Biti and Sikhala, were irked by Chamisa’s plot to prioritise the Johnny come lately at the expense of seasoned members.

It was revealed to this publication that the old guard, mainly composed of the Maruva Cabal was contemplating dumping CCC to form a splinter political party before the 2023 plebiscite.

Efforts to get a comment form CCC spokesperson Mahere were futile as her mobile phones were not reachable.

Source: Harare Post