Chamisa succumbs to pressure from rivals’ call to focus on reforms

Nelson Chamisa
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MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa has vowed to take the reform agenda fight forward saying 2021 will be a year of action “where the masses will demand necessary reforms so that Zimbabwe can return to legitimacy and democracy.”

In an exclusive wide-ranging interview with Zim Morning Post Publisher Elias Mambo, Chamisa said contrary to what some people are saying “the reform agenda remains alive and is in the DNA of the opposition.”

“We will never tire in seeking reforms. We want electoral reforms, security sector reforms as well as the alignment of the constitution,” Chamisa said.

“The reform agenda is part of the DNA of the alternative. We are the alternative and a government in waiting therefore if we do not push for reforms then we will die.”

“It is not the opposition which should be pushing for reforms alone even Zanu PF knows if they do not reform, they risk dying,” he continued.

Chamisa said the reform agenda will be pushed through “advocacy and mobilisation of all progressive and democratic forces to build national consensus on the resolution of the national crisis.”

The MDC Alliance leader said the implementation and rolling out of a comprehensive reform agenda will include: –

a) Political, institutional and structural reforms

b) National building and national reconstruction

c) Dealing with securocratic state and demilitarisation

d) Constitutional, media, legal and electoral reforms

e) Dealing with State capture, devolution, marginalisation and Zimbabwe’s re-engagement to the international community.

On the constitutional amendments Chamisa said his party will make sure the amendments are stopped.

“We do not want any constitutional amendment but alignment. Why should we amend the constitution? All we are saying is align it. That is all,” said Chamisa.

The 42-year-old said his party will soon launch the 2021 agenda statement where “we will share our vision and the trajectory that our policies will take.”

“Top of the list in our 2021 agenda statement remains the need for return to legitimacy,” he said.

“We are sure that without a return to legitimacy this country will not move forward.”

“It is time to fight for the Zimbabwe we want and have so rightly dreamed of and worked for. In 2021 we will focus our efforts on the people’s fight,” Chamisa said.

“The fight for a people’s government, reforms and return to legitimacy.”

On corruption, Chamisa said the scourge is now endemic and “a person who took over power via corrupt means has no appetite to resolve such.”

“The genesis of corruption is on electoral theft. The elections were corruptly held and corruptly won so we do not expect such a leadership to have appetite to deal with what brought them to power,” he said.

Chamisa took a swipe at the arrests of councillors, mayors and other officials on graft charges.

“The fight against corruption has been politicised. Most of the councillors arrested are the ruling party’s political enemies.”

Meanwhile, Chamisa dismissed the MDC-T’s recent electoral processes which saw Douglas Mwonzora ascending to the presidency as a none event.

“Everything is pointing to the faction as a Zanu PF proxy aimed at neutralising the alternative. Opposition is healthy for democracy. We are not moved or worried with the faction which is now working for Zanu PF,” he said.