Chamisa savages command agriculture

Chamisa in Buhera rally
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The president of the MDC Alliance Advocate Nelson Chamisa has criticised the hugely successful command agriculture programme saying his government will do away with the scheme and adopt new technologies of farming.

Advocate Chamisa was speaking during a rally held at Phelandaba Stadium in Gwanda this Saturday (yesterday).

In his address to party supporters at Phelandaba Stadium in Gwanda, Advocate Chamisa said the command agriculture programme introduced by the government to enhance food security and nutrition as well as uplift the standards of living of the people will be discontinued once he is elected into office.

Advocate Chamisa said his government will instead invest in smart agriculture and adopt a farm mechanisation programme where every village will benefit a tractor.

“We will do away with the command agriculture programme, we want to adopt modern technology for agriculture. We will have one tractor per village so that we move from using draft power to using tractors,” said Advocate Chamisa.

Furthermore, MDC Alliance Spokesperson Professor Welshman Ncube said when we are talking about the wealth of the country, there’s need to look at transformation, opportunities and prosperity.

“In this country we fall among the nations with the most unhappy people but Zimbabwean people must be happy but this can be achieved through fixing the economy,” said Professor Ncube.

Among the promises made to the electorate by Advocate Chamisa is the implementation of a devolved system of governance in line with the country’s constitution saying this will address under-development in the region.

“We are going to change the issue of focusing on Harare for development and decentralise and devolve the leadership of this country. So devolution is our next revolution. After 38 years you are still watching foreign television stations, we have several gold mines but 38 years later there is no refinery in this town, why,” said Advocate Chamisa.

The opposition leader further urged supporters of the Alliance to rally behind his candidature saying contrary to reports that the military will not accept an opposition victory, the security sector will not circumvent the will of the people.

“Our army is patriotic and professional, it will not salute an individual but the will of the people,” he said.

Professor Ncube weighed in saying their followers should vote in their numbers for Advocate Chamisa as he was anointed by the late Morgan Tsvangirai.

The MDC Alliance kicked off its campaign in Maphisa Matobo district before heading to Mawabeni in Umzingwane and Gwanda on Saturday (today).

The Alliance will interface with its supporters in Beitbridge this Sunday (tomorrow). – ZBC