Zimbabweans caged in UK after boasting on social media with ‘stolen’ £200k

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LONDON, UK – In a shocking turn of events, a group of Zimbabweans has found themselves in handcuffs after allegedly carrying out a daring £200,000 money heist in the United Kingdom (UK).

However, their downfall can be attributed to their own arrogance and a disastrous decision to boast about their criminal escapade on social media.

The Zimbabweans, revelling in their ill-gotten wealth, recorded a video in which they proudly showcased stacks of £20-pound notes. The brief yet incriminating footage captured their celebratory mood, with numerous banknotes scattered across the apartment. To make matters worse, the individuals were conversing in Ndebele, leaving no doubt about their identity.

The video caught the attention of user King Jay, who wasted no time sharing it on Twitter. In his caption, he exposed the criminal act and revealed that the group had stolen a staggering £200,000. He added a touch of sarcasm by mentioning how the culprits were swiftly apprehended by the authorities.