Widow accused of promiscuity

Spiwe Tomu
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A CHIMANIMANI widow whose in-laws ganged up against her, accusing her of promiscuity and threatened to kill her if she remained at her matrimonial homestead, has approached the courts for recourse. Spiwe Tomu dragged her late husband’s brothers Rabson, Elias and Dickson Madziwa to the Mutare Civil Courts on Friday praying for a protection order that bars them from harassing, threatening, assaulting, insulting and disturbing her peace.

Tomu was granted the order by Mutare magistrate, Miss Nyasha Kuture.

This was after Tomu had revealed to the court that she had enough of her brothers-in-law’s violent nature towards herself and her children.

“They chase me away from my matrimonial homestead accusing me of witchcraft. They say that I killed my husband so that I live with my lovers of which is a lie. They accuse me of promiscuity and call me a prostitute in front of my children, resulting in my children disrespecting me,” explained Tomu to the court.

She also accused the three men of threatening to kill her if she continues to be promiscuous at their late brother’s home.

In his response, Rabson told the court that he was not in objection with the granting of the order since it guaranteed peace between himself and his sister-in-law even though they were already living in peace.

He however, told the court that the family was having problems with her since she has incessant visits from her different lovers at their family homestead where she used to stay with their late brother. Elias and Dickson also begged the court to warn Tomu not to bring her lovers at their homestead.

The protection order will be valid for five years. Miss Kuture advised the brothers that if they wanted to evict Tomu, they had to use traditional methods and systems that are lawful without disturbing her peace.