We are clueless – Police tells reporters

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MASVINGO –  Cattle deboning thieves that are ravaging Zimbabwe have also shaken the Zimbabwe Republic Police that so far has no clue on how to reign in the crime.

Answering questions from journalists during a meeting at Chevron Hotel in Masvingo two weeks ago, Assistant Commissioner Fredrick Mbengwa said the crime has become a nightmare and is creating a lot of anxieties within the ranks of the Police.

“One’s heart leaps with anxiety whenever someone comes to make a report about a theft. Oh no, not again, you will always hope that it’s not the cattle deboning thieves. These thieves are causing headaches to senior Police officers.

“We are in trouble with these deboning thieves. Our plea goes to the media, you have a lot of sources of information who can help with information to locate the thieves, please help,” said Assistant Commissioner Mbengwa who was the acting Officer Commanding Masvingo at the time.

He said a number of strategies have been put in place but that is not giving any desired results.

“These thieves operate in the middle of the night. We have no clue on who is buying the meat and the meat is transported in buckets making it difficult for the general public to detect the thieves,” said Assistant Commissioner Mbengwa.

He said that Police has since engaged chiefs and village heads and formed committees to assist in dealing with the problem. – Masvingo Mirror