The spirit that won’t get into court

Possessed Tinashe Karume without a shirt
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BUSINESS was brought to a halt at Mutare Civil Courts on Tuesday morning as a Mutare man who was about to enter the court room fell into a trance.

As soon as his name was called out to appear before the court on a protection order matter, Tinashe Karume started belching and making weird noises while shouting that the spirit that possesses him does not allow its host (him) to enter the court room.

He stood at the court room’s door and shouted that the court could not preside over the matter. He said the matter could only be heard before a traditional court.

Karume’s paternal grandmother — Gogo Juliana Repende — was accusing him of harassing her. Gogo Repende said Karume is accusing her of killing her husband, Sekuru Karume. Karume is now claiming to be possessed with Sekuru Karume’s spirit.

“Muroyi buda muno, buda muroyi waparadza musha (The witch should be exposed. She has caused untold suffering in the family),” he shouted while pointing at Gogo Repende who was already seated in the court.

Karume’s relatives had to drag him outside where the free drama continued. He took off his shirt and shoes to expose the beads that were dangling around his neck.

His relatives pleaded with him to dress up so that the court proceedings could commence but Karume stood his ground.

“Aiwa ndiri kuda anondibata andibatezve, ndiri kuda agobatana nemhepo zve. Kana paine akashinga ngaauye andibate tione. Ane zvivindi ngaandibate andibvise pano. Handiti ndovakatora musoro weshumba yangu, ngavatore vagadzirise (I want to see who has the guts to touch me and move me from here. They confiscated my lion’s head and they should clean up the mess),” he said as he knelt down just outside the court room. He went on to ululate and say inaudible words.

He turned his focus to curious onlookers who were capturing the drama on their smart phones and threatened them with death.

Still enjoying his ‘mud bath’, Karume removed his beads and started performing some rituals with them.

He then walked to a pool of dirty water and washed his face.

Karume then put on his shirt and shoes and left with some of his relatives. Mutare magistrate, Mr Lazarus Murendo heard the matter and adjourned it to December 16.

Mr Murendo ordered Karume to keep peace with his grandmother pending finalisation of the matter.

In an interview with The Weekender, Karume’s mother, Gogo Lizzy Karume said the matter is supposed to be heard before Chief Bepura in Guruve (Mashonaland Central).

Gogo Repende is yet to receive the chief’s summons. – Manica Post