Thabani Mpofu is dismally failing MDC-Alliance! He is Zanu PF implant

Thabani Mpofu
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You do not need to be a lawyer to recognize the chronic errors MDC-Alliance made after Richard Morgen Tsvangirai’s death. It is equally surprising that a political party blessed with several lawyers, well over 12 of them including Advocate Chamisa himself and his wife would afford to make legal errors. The mandate given to Thabani Mpofu was to facilitate legal advice to a party that is formidable, vibrant and a large following, over 2 million MDC-Alliance voters is not a mean feat.
By Nomazulu Thata

Curiously, the President of this party is making a series of errors that suggest he does not have crucial legal advice he needs as head of the party. There are serious and several errors and misdemeanours that Chamisa makes on daily basis that make us think he does not have an honest advice on his side. We wonder if Thabani is doing Chamisa a service at all. At best he should resign and let a competent person take the challenge.

I am not a member of MDC-Alliance and I have never been one. This puts me in a better place to air my views about Chamisa as president of the party. The article written by Thabani Mpofu today indicates that this man is not serious with his job: at best an insult. I am not a lawyer, but it is possible to assess genuine articles on social medias.

Firstly, Thabani should have advised Chamisa that the root he took to assume presidency was not legal. This was his first failure: However, it is not clear if he was advisor to the party the party then, or was he given the post later. Then came the harmonized elections of July 2018. We all advised the opposition parties through social media never to go for elections because there are reforms on the grounds.

Wilbert Mukori was loud and passionate about election boycott. He wrote several articles on some media houses telling the opposition parties that they are falling into a trick by going for elections that are not winnable by opposition parties. No political parties who registered to take part in the harmonised elections understood his wisdom.

Prior to the elections there was a time when Chamisa was weighing his options to go for elections or not. The people in the Diaspora were able to see that Zanu PF was fearful and trembling that Chamisa will boycott the elections: Chamisa should have listened to those voices that advised him to rethink his move about elections. For goodness sake if Chamisa had good and competent advisers not even legal ones, they would have told him never go for these elections without a traceable voters’ roll. A competent lawyer would have advised Chamisa that going for elections is a major political error he was going to regret for another five years. You tell a whole lawyer failed to give a political party this simple legal advice.

Again, as an outsider of MDC-Alliance, not privy of inside information, Chamisa blindly participated in the elections and lost in style. This time around we know that Advocate Mpofu together with two lawyers from South Africa argued a case of rigged elections in High Court and he lost dismally. The legal case to contest the lost elections was poorly planned. Right inside the court, Thabani Mpofu’s body language was not convincing at all. He spoke about his daughter who was not well and therefore did not have all V11s. But there were experts’ lawyers from South Africa who would have done the groundwork for Thabani to present a sound court case competently.

This brings me to my suspicion that Thabani is not sincere with MDC-Alliance at all and curiously a coterie of lawyers in the higher echelons of MDC-Alliance do not see it as sabotage. My slender argument and observation are that the case was poorly prepared. Listening to the High court deliberations informed even people with little knowledge of law that the case put forward was weak. We were taken aback at the squandered opportunity. The presence and input of coterie of lawyers David Coltart, Welshman Ncube, Tendai Biti, Douglas Mwonzorwa, Job Sikhala were evidently absent even a pinch of advice from was not felt in the deliberations in court.

I would speculate that the problem lies with Chamisa perhaps who is impervious to advice. It is inconceivable to continuously make a series of blunders some of which are so stupid and nonsensical to comprehend.  Again, Chamisa’s spokesperson is a spin-nurse; said George Charamba. A beautiful face of Dr. Nkululeko Sibanda is not enough without forcefulness and vigour to match the ruthless George Charamba. I would like to think that Chamisa is safe with people like him who will hero-worship Chamisa and without challenge, hence Nkululeko is the best person by his side than any of these lawyers mentioned before.

Now let us talk about Chamisa’s language’ use that is not only misogynistic but most of the things that Chamisa talks about are unrealistic and childish. BBC’s David Sucker was not wrong when he said Chamisa is in a dreamland of Alice in Wonderland. Childish talks, poorly planned political moves, and strategies is Chamisa’s undoing. Nobody advises Chamisa to change his rhetoric and style of language use that is misplaced. Do lawyers let Chamisa to blunder as much as he can mess himself up: pamadiro a Georgina? If so, then politics is indeed a dirty trade.

2 million voters support Chamisa-Chete-Chete, this is a cause to be concerned about and it is the point I would like to bring home the fact that if Chamisa has a formidable following, he needs genuine legal advice that will groom him to be a mature leader of this nation. Chamisa needs hand handling, he is still too young and immature to govern a nation. We may wish Nkosana Moyo to be the President of this nation because he is the only person with smart policies that can take this nation to a much higher level, but millions of people want C.C.C. Chamisa Chete Chete! Professor PLO Lumumba of Kenya said the gullible voters will vote for idiots without the knowledge of mathematics, leaders devoid of ideas to govern this black continent. We have enough of them, and they are the ones voted in power. Nkosana Moyo will do well as leader of an NTA administration lauded by Professor Ibbo Mandaza.

Again, who advised Chamisa to appeal to the supreme courts regarding the legitimacy of the MDC-T leadership with Madam Khuphe? Here, Thabani blundered to have advised Chamisa to appeal a case never thought through about the eventualities. Notwithstanding, these legal court challenges gobble the little revenues the party must invest in the coming elections. Just how many blunders can Chamisa make without quiring the sauce of the legal advice: asking questions about Mpofu’s ability to advise Chamisa? For laypersons it is incomprehensible how MDC-Alliance can survive this circus. It is too convoluted and all parts pick and panic.
Chamisa and MDC-Alliance played in the gallery of Zanu PF: their inability and incapability to understand and interpret the Justice System’s language and its legal application diffable the mind. Welshman Ncube is Constitutional Lawyer. By all account, one cannot say the justice system is biased towards Zanu PF, its saucy to sink that low. In their previous case of the election dispute, the V11 were not adding up. Chamisa’s advisor failed dismally, there was no need to appeal and cry foul afterwards.
Chamisa is threatening action against the ruling party but we all know that he does not want to be part of a demonstration where he could risk losing his life. He would rather he sent his Vanguard and those young men and women who will be sacrificed for him to go to the State house. Chamisa is prepared to give what he can give: money, drugs, and alcohol for the day of mass demonstrations: send gullible boys to the front but not him personally and not his fine lawyers. He knows that Zanu will not hesitate to shoot, they have done it and will do it again. There are disposable members in the MDC-Alliance who want to die for Chamisa. We shall wait and see if Job Sikhala will walk the talk he made at his press conference last week.

In all honesty we are stuck with an opposition that is inept and incapable of opposition politics: they have failed dismally to outsmart Zanu and takeover power. Chamisa shows all tendencies of a dictator who is full of himself. This brings me to suspect that those lawyers surrounding Chamisa could be undoing him and Chamisa will not know and realize it as he is drunk with power already before he becomes president of the republic of Zimbabwe. Again, the international community know Chamisa’s fault lines and undoubtably will not support a party whose leadership is dictatorial, unending childish utterances, misogynistic outfit and above all shallow leadership traits.

The language of my article is strong and unsympathetic to MDC-Alliance, but I understand my own frustrations very well. We find ourselves in a situation where there is one opposition that could have defeated Zanu PF easily, not by elections but by good strategy alone. MDC-Alliance and Chamisa are not a listening party but somehow its Chamisa at the top giving poorly planned orders down. This is how it feels, coupled with the worst legal judgement one can think of, I truly should be forgiven for saying Thabani is an implant. I can only pour my dissatisfaction in critiquing this opposition party. I can say we deserve better than the mess they have put us into now.

Why luminaries like Dr. Tracy Mutinhiri and Grace Khwinje left the MDC-Alliance party, we do not know to this day. These two women are mature politicians who would have given this party sound advice and right direction, and for them to leave young women like Advocate Fadzai Mahere and Hon. Mamombe at the mercy of hard-core misogynists, patriarchs like Ncube, Biti and Sikhala is cruel. Advocate Jessy Majome is having her last laugh. She was insulted enough by Chamisa and MDC-Alliance and she made the stride: no regrets.

We should learn to salute advice coming from Professor Ibbo Mandaza’s NTA proposal. This alternative political initiative should be embraced by all: Chamisa’s opposition is failing the nation. Mandaza’s NTA proposal should be the basis for further discussions by stakeholders including the Diaspora. We cannot casually criticise possibilities that could be the solution to bring change in this country. This suggestion again, could see technocrats like Nkosana Moyo, Strive Masiyiwa, Moses Chamboko, Rudo Gaidzanwa, Mildred Mkandla, Coleen Ncube, and many more at home: these people are experts and a force to reckon with.

Source – Nomazulu Thata