Second witness to testify in Biti’s assault case

Ms Tatiana Aleshina
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DEPUTY Prosecutor General Mr Micheal Reza is next week expected to bring to the witness stand his second witness to testify in Tendai Biti’s assault case.

The CCC legislator is facing charges of assaulting businesswoman and investor Mrs Tatiana Aleshina at the Harare Magistrates Court which resulted in her being admitted at Trauma Centre in Borrowdale.

During her testimony Mrs Aleshina said she went to Trauma Centre to get treatment as her shoulders were very painful.

While leading evidence, Mr Reza asked Mrs Aleshina what went through her mind during the incident and she replied that she was traumatized and thought Biti was about to attack her as he was very aggressive, shouting and pointing his finger at her.

Mrs Aleshina told the court that she froze when Biti charged towards her and felt he would physically attack her.

“As we were walking in the corridor l suddenly heard a noise and shouting behind my back.”

She further stated that she had never came across that type of unruly behaviour in her life.

She told the court that Biti was aggressive and pointing his finger at her face.