SA bank repossesses Grace Mugabe son’s R1.2-million Range Rover

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South African bank repossesses Grace Mugabe son’s R1.2-million Range Rover

A top of the range luxury vehicle belonging to Grace Mugabe’s son from her first marriage, Russell Goreraza, has been repossessed after he failed to meet his installments and refused to surrender it for nine months.

According to South Africa’s Sunday World, the R1.2 million Range Rover was repossessed by at his Sandhurst house in Sandton on Thursday last week when he was on a business trip to Zimbabwe.

The paper said Goreraza bought the vehicle through Wesbank vehicle finance in 2018. He was expected to pay over R41 500 a month for five years.

An unnamed bank employee said Goreraza stopped paying his installment in June last year and was over R389 000 in arrears when the car was repossessed.

The paper said Goreraza initially said he was temporarily unable to pay because his bank account had been frozen but he later admitted that he was in financial trouble.

“He told us that his mine and farm workers in Zimbabwe were on strike and this has resulted in a loss of income for him and his family. He then told my colleagues who repossess cars that although he was in Zimbabwe, he was giving them permission to go and take the car from his house, the employee told the paper.

The paper said the bank was also looking for a 2018 Volkswagen Arteon 2.0 TSI R-line which Goreraza had stopped paying for in February last year. He was supposed to R9 681 a month until October 1 2022 but is now R111 967 in arrears