Robbers stripped naked, baptised with beer

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TWO suspected robbers became a spectacle of shame and pity after they were caught stealing from a car that was parked in the Central Business District of Bulawayo.

The robbers, Dominic Zulu and a man identified as Mazarura were caught stealing from a parked Honda Fit along 8th Avenue extension and Lobengula Street.

Unfortunately, it never dawned on them that the owner only identified as Moyo was watching from a distance. Moyo alerted members of the public and they swiftly responded.

That became a terrible moment for the pair as it became a free for all.

Zulu was turned into a punching bag. Some people kicked him while shouting: “The thief has to be killed!” Some money changers said the two men are known for cheating people with fake money.

“We know them. They rob people with fake money, they deserve to be beaten.”

During the beating someone came up with an idea of stripping them naked and it ended up with the pair only wearing t-shirts while their privates were dangling.  Mazurura was kicked and punched all over the body.

He tried to run but was caught and they continued beating him.

As punishment for his sins some visibly angry members of the public poured opaque beer all over his body.

Three police officers took them to Central Police Station but the daring mob continued beating them up until they reached the station.