‘Rape accused MDC-A MP not arrested’

Anele Ndebele
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Contrary to state media reports, MDC-Alliance Magwegwe MP Anele Ndebele has not been arrested for rape neither have the police notified him of any intention to place him under arrest, a party youth leader has revealed.

The Bulawayo based Chronicle, a member of the Zimpapers media group, reported on Thursday that Ndebele had been arrested for allegedly raping an A Level pupil from a school in Kezi in Matabeleland South.

The paper further reported that the pupil had fallen pregnant from the sexual assault.

However, party youth leader Discent Collins Bajila refuted reports that Ndebele had been arrested.

“Hon Anele Ndebele has not been arrested. He has not been informed by police of allegations leveled against him,” said Bajila.

“We trust that he will cooperate with law enforcement agents as and when they decide to investigate the said allegations.

“While the allegations against him are serious and complex, the very ethics that compell us not to publicly mention the minor accusing him equally bind us to presume him innocent until proven guilty by a competent judiciary.”

Ndebele and the MDC Alliance are yet to comment officially on the matter.

Source – Byo24