Professor Madhuku on post election dispute

Lovemore Madhuku,
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Meanwhile, also making a presentation at the symposium was constitutional law expert Professor Lovemore Madhuku who spoke on post election dispute:

Professor Lovemore Madhuku tackles post election dispute

“The law is a narrow thing it survives in an environment where it closes its eyes and ears to many things. It says if you have a dispute go to court. The constitution creates courts and it says they are the only ones which can resolve disputes. The courts only resolve disputes at law. And those courts are totally independent.

“During elections people are in an emotional state, people are not rational and the constitution is aware of that, it creates an Electoral Court and reasonable human beings to monitor these courts.

“The constitution is alive to the fact that the processes it has made may not work and it reaches a state where the constitution can be overthrown as long you can succeed in overthrowing it and get new provisions.

“Many Zimbabweans when they lose their cases they attack the courts,” says Professor Madhuku. – ZBC