Police Officer Remanded in Custody for Theft of Cigarettes

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CHIREDZI – Magistrate Diana Masiiwa has ordered the remand in custody of a Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officer stationed at Chiredzi Police camp for the theft of three 20 packs of Luck Strike (Everest) cigarettes from OK Chiredzi supermarket.

Anderson Chasaizi (36), residing at 1224 Mugadza Street, Tshovani, Chiredzi, is facing three counts of theft. Chasaizi has admitted to stealing the cigarette packs on March 11, March 22, and April 28, 2024, when he was apprehended.

In court, Chasaizi confessed that due to financial constraints, he resorted to theft as he couldn’t afford the cigarettes on all three occasions. Initially, Chasaizi managed to escape unnoticed during the first two thefts. On the second occasion, he concealed the stolen packs in tissues.

However, his luck ran out on the third occasion when an attentive employee noticed his movements. Chasaizi attempted to conceal the cigarette box in his trousers pocket while also picking up a loaf of bread, which he intended to purchase. His attempt to pay with his bank card was declined, leading to his detention by security personnel on the premises.

Following the incident, OK Chiredzi branch manager, Progress Tadirika, filed a police report, resulting in Chasaizi’s subsequent arrest.

Prosecutor Tanyaradzwa Dube handled the case.

The magistrate’s decision to remand Chasaizi in custody reflects the seriousness of the charges and underscores the importance of upholding the law, especially among law enforcement officers.

Chasaizi’s actions highlight the ethical responsibilities associated with his position and serve as a reminder of the consequences of criminal behavior, regardless of one’s occupation.