Police docket opened against Mwonzora for employee death threats

Douglas Mwonzora
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HARARE – Police have opened a docket against MDC leader Douglas Mwonzora for allegedly threatening to shoot and kill a party employee he accuses of pestering him over unpaid wages.

On Monday, Mutandwa Machera, who claims he was twice threatened by the politician, reported the matter to police under Harare Central IR 021195.

Narrating his experience, Machera said the Nyanga senator called him on his cell phone on Sunday threatening to shoot him.

This was after the employee had vowed to accost the MDC leader at his Harare home to stage a demonstration over his dues.



Machera is owed US$9,600 in outstanding wages.

Together with over a dozen party employees, they are owed wages dating back over 13 months.

Disgruntled employees accuse the party leader of failing to settle their wages even after receiving a government grant under the Political Parties Finance Act.

“On 15 February at 15.40 hours, Douglas Mwonzora called me on my phone threatening to kill me,” Machera told ZimLive Monday.

“He said verbatim, ‘Mutandwa Machera and Kudzanayi Mashumba, I am going to shoot you if you come to my house. I don’t owe you any money. I am only going to assist you’.

“Yesterday (Sunday), I also fled my home after Mwonzora threatened me for one minute, 41 seconds telling me ‘I am going to shoot you. I am looking for you. My bodyguards will kill you in my name. Starting with me, if I miss you, my boys will kill you instead’.

“Mwonzora refers to himself as the government in waiting. How, when he can threaten a worker who is merely demanding his salary.’ – ZimLive