Newly appointed Ugandan magistrate sacked after dressing as a woman to write girlfriend’s exam

A newly appointed Magistrate, Musa Semwogerere has been arrested for posing as a woman to sit for exams for his girlfriend at the Law Development Centre (LDC) Lira, Uganda. Semwogerere was promoted to the rank of grade one magistrate by the Judicial Service Commission two weeks ago. (Image: X)
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A newly appointed magistrate has been fired after he allegedly dressed as a woman and sat to write his girlfriend’s examination.

Ssemwogerere Ammaari Musa was arrested and charged with two counts of forgery and one of impersonation.

The Independent reported that the accused, who went by the alias Anthony Mukisa was found sitting for a Bar Course examination for a student identified as Irene Mutonyi at the Law Development Centre, Lira Campus.

The matter was reported to police who then made the arrest. Musa has since appeared in court and has been remanded in custody until his next appearance on August 3.


The Ugandan Judiciary said Musa who was one of the newly recruited Magistrates alongside 86 other persons for a one month probation, will not be employed by the Judiciary Service.

In 2021, a Senegalese man dressed as a woman and sat for his girlfriend’s exam.

Timesnownews reported that Khadim Mboup sat for three days of English exams on behalf of the woman he loved. Despite the wig, headscarf, clothing and shoes, an invigilator picked up on Mboup’s ruse and called the police. The couple was charged with exam fraud and forgery.

According to Nigerian Eye, in 2017, a Zimbabwean man was nabbed after he dressed as a woman to write his girlfriend’s exam.

The man was spotted by an invigilator who then alerted police.