Musician takes wife to court over infidelity

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BUSH Killer Music Productions producer Jassie Kumbulani has taken his wife to court over infidelity after discovering WhatsApp messages to her lovers.


Tatenda Nhenje admitted to cheating on her husband with his best friend, Ephraim Saineti, popularly known as DJ Haice and another man, Hilton Zhuwao before Chief Makope’s village court. She was fined two goats for violating Ubuntu/Hunhu.

The court heard that Nhenje was in love with the two men, but did not have sexual relations with them.

Nhenje told the court that the music producer neglected her, and that is why she sought comfort in the arms of his friend.

She said Zhuwao helped her financially.

Both Zhuwao and Sainet were fined two bovines each, and pleaded with the court to pay one each and their plea was accepted. The fine is due in two weeks.

Nhenje, who was fined two bovines for the adulterous affairs, wept in court, saying the judgment was too harsh and the chief gave her a lighter sentence of two goats.

Chief Makope urged women to respect the sanctity of their marriages as adultery was punishable under traditional laws.

“It is a taboo for a married woman to accept love proposal from another man and for a man to do likewise. In our tradition, it is a punishable offence, and I will not take those matters lightly,” Makope cautioned.

In another case, a Centenary man wept in court after he was dumped for another man and was given a token of divorce by his wife of 10 years.

Chris Maraga approached Chief Makope’s court, demanding to know if his wife Serina Chibiku still loved him.

Chibiku told the court that she was no longer interested in Maraga, as he was abusive and had threatened to kill her on several ocassions.

“I am no longer interested in this man. He is very abusive. At one point he tried to stab me with an okapi knife, but was restrained by neighbours. On another day, he tried to burn my bedroom hut with petrol, so it is better for me to find a lover, not this abuser,” Chibiku told the court.

One witness testified that Chibiku was dumping her husband because she was currently staying with a shop owner at Rongore Farm, near Centenary.

Chibiku was ordered by the chief to give Maraga a token of divorce and she complied. Soon after receiving the token, Maraga wept uncontrollably, bringing court business to a halt for close to an hour.