Mom disowns daughter in court

Victoria Chakawonesu (right) and daughter Sheila Simau
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A HARARE-BASED police woman is at odds with her ailing mother who has disowned her as a result of her abusiveness.

Sheila Simau is being accused by her biological mother, Victoria Chakawonesu, of labelling her a witch and a mental patient.

She says Simau had failed to appease her after making those utterances. The elderly woman, a hypertension and arthritis patient, said she would rather die than allow Simau take her to hospital.

The pair appeared before Mutare magistrate, Mr Lazarus Murendo, early this week.

Chakawonesu broke down as she narrated the abuse she has endured from her daughter.

She begged the court to bar Simau from visiting her, adding that she may only come for her funeral to pay her last respects when she is no more.

“Sheila is my second born child but she is so disrespectful. She calls me a witch and claims that I killed my late sons. At one funeral, she called me a witch and my relatives strongly reprimanded her.

“I would rather die rather than allow her to assist me in getting medical attention. In fact, she can only come to my funeral to pay her last respects,” said the elderly woman as she wept during the court session.

“She hates me to the extent of fabricating a case against her brother and his wife so that they would be arrested. They were the ones looking after me and I spent the day without any food following their arrest.

“My health is deteriorating because of her continuous threats. She is also in the habit of phoning to insult me,” she said.

Chakawonesu also told the court that one of her late sons was found dead along Mukuvisi River in Harare after Simau had kicked him out of her house.

“She invited my son to Harare but later kicked him out. He was found dead there but she has the guts to accuse me of killing him.

“She goes around telling my church-mates that I am a mental patient and discourages them from visiting me. When she visits, she shouts that I stink instead of helping me take a bath,” said the elderly woman.

Simau, however, told the court that there is no bad blood between Chakawonesu and her, adding that her mother was being influenced by her sibling to apply for the protection order.

“My younger sister is the one influencing our mother. She is turning her against me. She also stays in Harare but she has been in Mutare for the past two weeks to assist mom draft and file this protection order application against me.”

However, Chakawonesu remained steadfast in her testimony.

The matter was adjourned to a later date for judgement.